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A natural and cultural Gem, Vanuatu does not merely take guests out of their clockwork existence but it completely transposes them to a world untouched by time. Vanuatu, a sub-tropical archipelago in the Southwest Pacific bordered by New Zealand in the north and Australia in the east, is endowed with natural attractions, and rich and fascinating culture. 

Vanuatu was able to retain its indigenous culture even after being under the British and French colonial power. This diversified culture of Vanatu is evident in its tribal festivities, which feature how the locals beam with cultural pride as they keep the heritage of their ancestors alive. Tourists, however, must be wary of certain actions that should be observed to keep relations with the Vanuatuans friendly. For example, the dress code for women disapproves of sleeveless blouses and knee-high skirts, and a direct eye contact and an increased in one's tone can be perceived negatively.

Because Vanuatu is one of the few island nations in the Pacific that have easy access to its tribal communities, it would really be a big loss to not be able to take a cultural tour. Check for upcoming festivals on the island, and participate in the "Nagol." This festival is an avenue for tourists to exhibit their heart-racing stunts similar to bungee jumping. Guests can also join the Tanna Toka Dancers and lose themselves in the beat of the drum for days.

Vanuatu not only allows guests to commune with the locals and their culture but also become attune with nature. Its lush rainforests are home to 61 species of land and water birds, 19 species of reptiles, and 11 species of bats. Meanwhile, its ocean depths are a breeding ground for 4,000 species of mollusks. Of course, the culinary delights guests can experience in the island would include seafood, various tropical fruits, and root vegetables.

By land and under the sea are not the only ways to explore the archipelago. Hop on a helicopter or seaplane and gain a panoramic view of the landscape surrounded by magnificent turquoise waters. Tourists can also set sail in the open sea going from island to island within the archipelago.

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