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If you haven't visited any island in the Caribbean, start with Anguilla. It's a tiny island, but a much-sought after destination because of its spotless and fine sand beaches. With a white coral coastline that stretches almost 20km, the island's blue-green, peaceful waters are bound to make you a captive! If beauty other than that of Mother Nature also lures you, then who knows you may also get to swim with the likes of Brad (Pitt!), Robert (de Niro!) and many others.

Named by Columbus, Anguilla means eel in Italian. Measuring only 16 miles in length and 2.5 miles in width, it's one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean. Much of the island is coral and limestone and the Valley is the biggest town, located in the heart of the island. Famous for salt, tourists are likely to see many salt ponds and exotic bird species around the island.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that travelers don't come to Anguilla to do sightseeing. The real scene stealers are actually the 33 gorgeous, pristine beaches, the many ultra luxurious resorts, and almost 70 restaurants that offer a fine dining experience like nowhere else. Those, dear people, are the 'real' sights to see! Top beach choices are Sandy Ground, Rendezvous Bay, Meads Bay, and Shoal Bay. Little Bay is a secluded beach, but accessible by boat. Also, Scilly Cay and Sandy Island are small islands with amazing beaches and bars and just a short boat ride away.

While sunning at one of the many Anguillan beach bars, we suggest you get a taste of the tipple (rum punch really), enjoy the delicious seafood and dine alfresco. Nightlife spells barefoot dancing in the beach clubs and nightclubs set to blaring local music. Advice for all thrill seekers, never mix adventure with food and drinks! That's why work up an appetite first by taking boat rides, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and reef and wreck diving, or fishing.

Though, if you really want to get a cultural feel of the place, visiting the Olde Valley district, will be enough to take you right back a few centuries; as will the Heritage Collection: the most visited history museum in Anguilla. You can also get a taste of Anguillan art first hand, as you stroll around the 15 art galleries or check out "petroglyphs" (carvings) at the Big Spring Cave.

Remember, wherever you maybe in Anguilla, those breathtaking beaches are only just minutes away!

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