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Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide


When planning a trip to the Caribbean, start by visiting Antigua and Barbuda. Why? Simply because there is no place like Antigua and its warm weather, intricate coastline boasting of safe cays and beaches, and a marvelous, and almost unbroken coral reef wall. These low lying islands are part of the group called Leeward Islands in the north-east Caribbean and they are in complete contrast to each other. Moreover, Antigua and Barbuda are one of the top vacation destinations in the Caribbean!

Antigua hosts the world's first and major maritime events – the Sailing Week - held at Nelson's Dockyard in the English Harbor. So if you love sailing, you have got to visit this island with its meandering coastline and as you do so you'll be exploring many private, isolated soft sand beaches. Snorkelers and Scuba divers would enjoy the thrill of exploring the coral reefs, home to marauded ships from around the world, besides the wonderful, colorful marine life. And Barbuda...well what was once a paradise for hoarders, is now known for having the region's most valuable bird sanctuaries and some unbelievable white and pink sand beaches!!

Some of the main points of interest in Barbuda, which is a 3-hour ride by sea from Antigua, are the Frigate Bird Sanctuary – home to "Fregata magnificens," the highest flying of all water birds with a wingspan of 4 to 5 feet, the ruins of the Highland House located at 124-feet or the highest point in Barbuda, and the Martello Castle & Tower that impresses at 56-feet height. Accommodation options include the elite K-Club, Hotel Palmetto resort, and Coco Point Lodge to name a few.

Back on Antigua, tourists should visit the Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation, for the part it played in the island's economic success and that is now being converted into an open-air museum. The Antigua and Barbados Museum is also worth a visit for history freaks. Take a trip to the eastern end of the island where you'll find the Indian Town Point with the Devil's Bridge, a natural arch in limestone offering spectacular views of the island as does Fort James that makes the surrounding harbor look amazing. Stop by at the new St. John's downtown development with Heritage Quay, and its duty-free shops, casino, and dining joints for some R&R.

Remember, if you are looking for a balanced vacation – one that offers excitement, natural beauty, plenty of activities without compromising on privacy and luxury – then Antigua and Barbuda is as good as it gets.

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