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Aruba’s in the US! Or did I get it wrong? Well, with the number of Americans flying to Aruba from the east coast because of her warm weather, even you’d think Aruba is in North America.

Considered to have some of the best beaches in the region, several all-inclusive package resorts, and Oranjestad (the capital), a small but pretty main town that takes only a couple of hours to be covered on foot, Aruba spells many contrasts and the most vivid is that of the ultra rich tourists and the not so rich natives!

An oblong shaped island, Aruba is visited by a million tourists and cruise passengers annually. It’s no surprise really, because the island is known for its heavy surf and rugged coast in the north and 11Km long honey colored beaches in the south. Just 193sq. km in area, there is no chance you’ll ever get lost here, nor will you ever be away from a beach for long.

Once you’ve had your fill of the resorts and ready for some exploration, you will find that this small island has plenty to offer. For example, the Arikok National Wildlife Park with its huge cactuses, famously twisted Divi-Divi trees, and vacant gold mines like Bushiribana; then there are those spectacular rugged, untamed vistas, and pristine, private beaches.

Arubans consider themselves to be very hospitable and it’s not far from the truth. Wherever you go, you’ll find friendly warm natives willing to help you. Perhaps that’s why a visit to the Aruban museums like Numismatic and Archeological Museums is necessary. They are places that speak you in historical language and transport you in the past with ease! Then there is the California Lighthouse (didn’t we tell you Aruba is in the US!). Named after the infamous ship, California, the well-kept lawns offer sweeping views of the western shoreline and surfing enthusiasts can dune or sea surf on the beach below.

Other major attractions in Aruba include the Casibari and Ayo rock formations as well as Indian caves. Find yourself exploring the Aruba Aloe Factory; or stop a moment to pray at the Alto Vista Chapel. If you are visiting the island with family, take your kids to the Butterfly Farm, where drunken butterflies flit around in the morning.

While you may not find lush forests and tropical streams on the island, you will find vibrant desert landscape and genuinely hospitable people, which for most visitors makes for a memorable Aruban vacation.

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