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Whether you want to watch the flamingos in flight, or scuba dive and snorkel, there is only one place in the Caribbean that offers you the best of it...and that is Bonaire – "Diver's Paradise!"

The second biggest island, once part of the Dutch Antilles, Bonaire has a dry, sandy, almost desert type terrain, which is strikingly contrasted by warm, emerald waters. Known for the millions of rainbow colored fish, pristine coral reefs, and many water sporting choices, the island is a haven for adventure seekers and water babies. Many who have visited Bonaire believe that it is THE place to go for diving related activities.

The feel in Bonaire is one of being in a big community, where your innkeeper may well turn out to be your dive master during the day! Yes, the people are fun-loving, friendly, and helpful. While you can ask them for dining and nightlife suggestions, we can tell you that Kralendijk, the main town, offers good restaurants and nightlife. After all the fast paced action, take a step back and change the pace with Bonaire Museum, home to the natives - Caiquetio Indians – and their artifacts as well as an awesome seashell collection.

Marked divi-divi trees, characteristic windswept vistas, and the warm yet windy climate of the island make it a sure attraction for tourists of all types. So with world-class windsurfing, diving, and other adrenaline pumping sports may not be everyone's cuppa tea, people can bask in the sun, beach comb, enjoy pink flamingoes and other aviary attractions or visit the color-changing salt pans, and explore the Washington – Slagbaai Nation Park that covers 20% of the island. It has large, green iguanas, many other reptiles, and parrots to interest you.

Renowned for its abundant flamingo population, your visit will be incomplete if you don't spot them at the Goto Meer lagoon, or from the Willemstoren lighthouse located at the southern most end of the island. Children will especially love the Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary, which is home to abandoned donkeys, as well as the color changing Salt flats that turn from light pink to bright fuchsia because of the inhabiting algae population.

Not to be missed is the Pink Beach one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in Caribbean, and gets its name from the pink coral that reside in the sand. And a visit to the Marine Park with its protected coral reef is stuff that dreams are made of.

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