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Cuba is a myth for many people. Cigars, music, salsa, rumba, American cars, beaches, Castro and the atmosphere of relaxation are what could characterize Cuba. For scuba diving and other water sports Cuba is a small paradise. Cuba is travel embargo by US since the Revolution.

The largest island in the Caribbean has more than 300 beaches with 6 000 km coastline. When you land to Cuba, the scene will be complete. You plunge in a setting of 50s: old American cars abandoned on the streets, buildings in the half colonial architecture, half Spanish or grandpas smoking cigars wearing a straw hat and a Cuban guayabera (traditional cotton shirt).

But the island is crammed with fantastic sites that are not always known by the tourists. Do not miss the Old Havana and Trinidad, listed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO, which reflect the colonial history of Cuba. Old buildings of sixteenth century were renovated, the city center areas are restored gradually, and many museums open their doors to tourists. Cuba proudly claims as a country of culture and history.

Cuba is not a place where fine gourmets will find their happiness. The food is a bit insipid and the dishes are not very diverse. But if the food is not contented to your taste, delight your eyes with bright colors: pink flowers, yellow fruit on the markets, the turquoise blue old cars...

Biodiversity developed in Cuba are: orchids, ferns and other endemic plants. There are also iguanas or other wild crocodiles. Natural sights such as the Viñales Valley (Valle de Vinales) or Pinar del Rio region will certainly surprise you.

Cuba is also its contradictions, a socialist country where the dollar is leading the economy. A country that turns itself towards the future but that cultivates the cult of former hero of the revolution.

Only exit: tourism: tourism. Paradisiacal seaside resorts appear a little more each year.

Although poverty is widespread, the quality of welcome of the Cubans is exemplary.

Don’t leave Cuba without a pinch to the heart. This enchanting island marks minds by the local atmosphere and pride of the people who come along the way.

Cuba is colorful! During the day you find the cities a little dead, but wait for the evenings. It is at dusk when Cuba is beginning to live. The streets come alive and pitch to the sound of the rumba. You can easily mix with the crowd: Cubans are very warm and have a great sense of hospitality.

National Parks in Cuba include Viñales, Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra del Rosario, Topes de Collantes National Park, La Güira National Park and Ciénaga de Zapata National Park.

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