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If you prefer hiking boots to designer heels, Dominica in the Caribbean is the place to go...

Travelers, who love to explore new places and things will love this adventure called Dominica, for it allows you to trek mountaintops and discover the amazing water world below. It allows you to break free of routine and hardcore city nightlife without missing any of it. Whether it's hiking, bird watching, or search for hidden treasures by diving, snorkeling, or taking on the might of water with kayaking or canoeing, you can do it all in Dominica. Not to be missed are the age old forests at the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, where the Boiling Lake (the second largest active lake in the world with hot gasses flowing out all the time), and the dramatic Trafalgar Falls reside. A must see and experience is the Emerald Pool, a natural swimming pool at the base of a 40 ft waterfall in the midst of a rain forest!

Dominica is not known for its beaches, but known for its volcanic peaks, mischievous mountain streams, ancient forests, placid lakes, and mouthing geysers. It is a land of beauty and diversity... a land of warm, welcoming locals... a land of rich and poor contrast... and a land that is home to 2200 "Caribs," the only remaining pre-Colombian population in east Caribbean.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, Dominica's shopping scene is under developed. However, you can and must shop for local handicrafts and artifacts, as well as other regional produce. While there are a growing number of restaurants, bars and clubs are almost non-existent. Choice of accommodation is also limited and you may need to make an advance booking unless you want to try your luck once you land there. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to this island, and no package tours, so you'll have to make your own travel arrangements.

But available in plenty in Dominica is fresh mountain air, spectacular rainforest scenery, and underwater attractions like the Champagne Beach that warrants a dive for everyone, and is named so because of the bubbly water; Portsmouth, the place to go for exploring the Indian River, or set out on a sunset cheese & wine river cruise on a sail boat.

The truth is that while Dominica is no Aruba, it is definitely one of the best destinations for tourists who enjoy Mother Nature and don't have the big bucks to spend on experiencing her in all her glory.

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