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Puerto Plata is the biggest city at the north coast of the Dominican Republic and with its international airport the first place to see for tourists who have booked a hotel in the island's north. Cool breezes from the Atlantic generate a pleasant climate. The city's "silver harbour" at the foot of Pico Isabel de Torres was founded at the end of the 15th century, abandoned not much later after several pirate raids, and rebuilt in the 18th century. From the latter period stem the many colonial houses between the centre and Fortaleza San Felipe. The well-preserved Fortaleza was built in the middle of the 16th. Interestingly it never had to prove whether it was up to the task of defending the inhabitants against pirate raids. Today the fortress houses a museum that displays its military and local exhibits in the former prison cells. A visit to the amber (Museo Ámbar) museum with its unique exhibits is recommended. The collection comprises some of the most valuable and significant findings world-wide, such as a lizard included in amber or several insects and plants preserved in the same way. Absolutely unique is blue amber, found only in the Dominican republic. Just a few steps from there is the well-kept Parque Central, the Pavillon Glorieta Siciliana and the church San Felipe. The shopping mls Calles Duarte and Bellér invite for a stroll that could be rounded off with a visit to the rum factory Brugal. In the country's largest distillery you can take part in a guided tour to learn about production process and keeping, to have a taste and perhaps to buy something. The Museo del Arte Taíno on Plaza Arawak shows exhibits such as clay figures and other works of art from the Taíno period.

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