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Capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, will welcome you as it should at the heart of its cobbled streets, filled with history, its medieval architecture and its beaches! Open your eyes, like Christopher Columbus did the first time on this earth and live an unforgettable vacation in the oldest people of the Americas. The area of the colonial city full of wonders, it was also listed a world heritage site by UNESCO, including the home of Christopher Columbus and the first cathedral of the Americas. Santo Domingo, a unique experience to share with your family or two... Try!

Capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is the oldest city built on the American continent. It was, in fact, built in 1498, 6 years after the discovery of the island of Hispaniola by Christopher Columbus. The tomb of the latter is also to be discovered on the outskirts of the city, in the controversial monument, humbly named El Faro a Colon (Columbus lighthouse).

Unlike other Dominican Republic cities, Santo Domingo shows the marks of the colonial period. The city is precisely distinguished from the other localities by its colonial area. This district of the capital, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, has the most beautiful architectural buildings from the colonial period. A wealth of historical sites, fortified palaces and churches, each more beautiful than others, and focus on an area 3 km².

The two other points of interest of the Dominican capital are Malecón - waterfront along several kilometers - and the Plaza De la Cultura - seat of culture where are held the museums as well as the city theater.

Santo Domingo makes it possible to discover so famous beaches of the Dominican Republic.

But it's not all. Santo Domingo is also a dynamic city where life is in full swing, day and night, sometimes to the rhythm of merengue - typical music of the Dominican Republic. Evidenced by the numerous bars installed in the city. Similarly, the streets live with the sound of cars where many cries of children playing in the street. But, it is equally necessary to note modernity in the city. The skyscrapers and traffic jams somewhat tarnish the peaceful image that people have of the West-Indian cities.

Nevertheless, the travel to the Dominican capital actually seems unavoidable for those who want to revisit the country's history and delve into the lives of Dominicans.

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