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Jamaica is an island of many faces. Here, one will find pretty houses with sugar-baked façades, paradisiacal sandy beaches, commanding mountain ranges, wonderful waterfalls and much, much more.

When Columbus came to shore here in 1484, he described the island in his log book as the most beautiful land man had ever set eyes on. By visiting Jamaica today, it is easy to see how the explorer reached such a conclusion. Boasting breathtaking beauty, an exceptionally diverse landscape and remarkable flora and fauna, the third largest island in the Caribbean is extraordinarily captivating. There are not only fine sand beaches here, but also extensive plantations and tropical forests. Unique to the Caribbean are the Blue Mountains in the east of the island, the tallest peak soaring to heights of 2,166 m. By walking or driving through this fascinating mountainous region, one will come across various climates and types of vegetation.

It is not just the natural beauty, but also the attractive towns, cosy hotels, extensive sports offers, colourful nightlife and the friendly people which ensure that Jamaica really is a rewarding destination.

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