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This rich, untamed island paradise is the legendary desert island of Robinson Crusoe fame; sweeping soft white sands, breathtaking bays, coral reefs and lush tropical rainforest. A tranquil retreat of both informal and luxury hotels, its slow pace of life is disturbed only by the lively strains of calypso. If your dream holiday is drifting gently between swaying palms, the softly lapping crystal clear waters beneath and tropical cocktail to hand, then this is the island for you.

A true nature lover’s paradise, Tobago is fringed with idyllic stretches of sand, most notably Pigeon Point, Store Bay and Stonehaven Bay, all popular beaches in the south of the island and boasting all manner of watersports. But around every corner, serene, secluded coves and hidden strands await discovery with wonderfully evocative names like Man O’ War Bay, Bloody Bay, Culloden Bay, Heavenly Bay, Pirate’s Bay and, on the edge of the rainforest and fringed by palm trees, Englishman’s Bay, where you may just be sharing the sands with the wild parrots.

Visit the panoramic Fort King George in Scarborough, Tobago’s bustling capital, with its lively street market and Botanical Gardens. Tobago’s highest mountain, Pigeon Peak, rises behind the picturesque fishing village of Charlottesville and from Speyside, glass bottom boat trips sail over to the bird sanctuary island of Little Tobago. During the hatching season, turtle watching trips are organised for a unique chance to see the baby leatherback turtles returning to the sea from their protected beach nesting areas.

An intriguing mix of Italian, French, Indian and Indonesian cuisines, even the simplest of beach shacks will serve Tobago’s speciality dish of curried crab and dumpling. Dine on succulent seafood, freshly caught kingfish and flying fish accompanied by cassava, sweet potato and challenging homemade pepper sauce. For dessert, try slices of luscious tropical fruits or bene balls, sugary spheres coated with sesame seeds. Evening nightlife is decidedly laid back and focuses on the gentle rhythms of steel band music. During July, visitors may wish to take to the streets for the Tobago Carnival as party fever grips the entire island.

Inland, the mountainous Tobago Forest Reserve is ablaze with startling colour as tropical flowers burst into bloom and brilliant birds flit from flower to forested slope. Waterfalls, hung with jungle fronds are made for bathing and old cocoa plantations, citrus orchards and waving school children all lend an air of real Tobagian life. Undiscovered Tobago also boasts amazing snorkelling and diving in the surrounding coral reefs with angel fish, barracuda, turtles, sharks, manta rays, tarpon and over 300 species of coral, including the enormous brain coral. Dive sites surround the island and are particularly dense around Speyside, earning it the tag of the island’s diving capital with Buccoo Reef in the south also recognized as one of world’s richest dive sites.

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