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Located in the Caribbean Sea, Belize City is the main city as well as the largest port of the country, and was the capital until 1970. The headquarters of the government was moved because of a tsunami which took, in 1961, a good third of the city.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Belize City is not the present but the former capital of the country. Nevertheless, Belize City has maintained a legacy of the past history and culture that still reflects now on the aura of the city. Largest city, Belize City, however, is often for tourists, that the synonymous with a passage flash, towards the other sites of this small country. You reverse the situation, with a little longer stay in Belize City: with its newly opened museum and its Mayan sites of remarkable beauty, you become unbeatable for the first inhabitants of the city today. Besides, its rivers and lagoons, Belize City becomes the paradise of the observation of tropical species such as crocodiles, pelicans, tapirs, manatees and monkeys! If there were not yet Belize City, film directors would invent this city! Old wooden houses vibrate in the reggae-rhythm, the swing bridge squeaks, and boats chug out to the Cayes.

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