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Cay Caulker is a very small coral island off the coast of Belize, measuring about 8 km in length and less than 1 km wide. It is little inhabited by English speaking people, live in small houses. Most buildings are wooden poles with high tides and with a fairly weak aspect. The central street and its ramifications are without asphalting and the only means of transport available are a kind of golf carts as a taxi.

An island in the Caribbean Sea, dominated by palm trees, overgrown by mangrove jungle, inhabited by a lot of hummingbirds, mostly water birds including pelicans, laughing gulls and a lot of lobster, Caye Caulker offers nature instead of nightlife. Do not think you could arrive on Caye Caulker without someone takes notice of you. One of only around 800 inhabitants, destined to come to you to make you welcome, and after a long walk through the four sandy streets of the small fishing place you are in the village.

The people of Caye Caulker, by the tremendous sense of self, are the very nature-connected and often isolated people living apart. Long time its simple lifestyle was the measure for the tourist infrastructure of their tiny place, which make Caye Caulker a favorite travel destination for "low budget" traveler. Meanwhile, the level slightly elevated, but because the place offers - apart from its unique atmosphere, its shimmering bird world in the mangrove (139 species) and the quaint as inexpensive fish - few attractions, Caye Caulker remained the goal of holiday-makers those seek distance from the mechanized everyday life.

Some of the must see places include The Forest Reserve, Caye Caulker Marine Reserve, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark and Ray Alley and The Blue Hole, and for the more adventurous traveler snorkeling, diving and sea kayaking are available.

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