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If you visiting Belize, don’t miss Placencia situated just a few minutes walk from the lagoon side to the open Caribbean. Here a street is never planned, one sees the same: where the houses in Placencia stand closely together, there are only sand or for the tourists subsequently paved, narrow paths. The traditional stilt houses still dominate the local picture of the old fishing village.

Placencia is a long peninsula in the south of Dangrigas, which possesses Belize’s longest and most beautiful white coral sand beach. There are less than 500 souls to be considered permanent residents of Placencia, tranquil community of Belize. Already, some tourists are in the seclusion of the comfortable beach hotels in the north of the peninsula, such as the Garifuna village of Seine Bight. The local resorts also have their own piers, from where boat trips start to the Cayes. Among the most beautiful spots include Silk Caye, a small palm islands near the mainland (about 20 minutes), due to the crystal waters ideal for snorkelers, and the recent protected area for the gull, Laughing Bird Caye.

And yet: Return to the old fishing village. Simply sit down to the sunset on the terrace of the Tentacle bar - and you will inevitably fall in love with Placencia.

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