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Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, and is defined as a country of water. It has 420 km of coastline on the Pacific Ocean where there are magnificent beaches. The Caribbean coast, stretching about 750 km, is surrounded by "Cayes”, small uninhabited coral islands: coconut palms, lagoons, deserted beaches are waiting for them.

You can enjoy diving around the Corn Islands, or to sunbath in the sumptuous beaches of Montelimar. In the biological reserve of Cayos Miskitos, true jewels of local nature, you can see beautiful barrier reefs, sea plants, sea turtles and multicolored fish.

Nicaragua is also known as a country of lakes and volcanoes. It hosts one of the world's largest lakes: Lake Nicaragua, where you will be able to sail.

25 volcanoes, active or dormant, are drawn along the Pacific coast, reaching some 1600 meters high. Why not discover them in a sport like trekking? Many parks have been created around these volcanoes, such as Masaya or Mombacho. Perhaps you will have the chance to see in these almost unexplored subtropical forests, anacondas, jaguars, deer and multicolored birds.

As it is still not a destination for mass tourism, Nicaragua offers visitors beautiful natural landscapes, lush green tropical forests, which really deserve to be explored.

On mainland, you will appreciate the discovery of the cities with great attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, sunbathing, and wild nature. The colonial architecture of Granada, Esteli and Managua will delight your eyes. You may take the advantage to try the traditional gallo pinto (rice dish, beans and onions) or fresh cheeses, stuffed tortillas with cheese and onions.

Proclaimed in 2005 the masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the theatrical tradition of Nicaragua deserves attention. The Güegüense consists of satirical representations mixing theater masks on the street, music and folk dances. This theater is emblem of the history of Nicaragua, as it symbolizes the resistance of the natives against the Spanish colonizers.

One will take Nicaragua hammocks, gold jewelry, pottery or vessels.... but above all a particular memory: a country rich in contrasts.

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