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Resolutely original capital city of Nicaragua, Managua will surprise you by the diversity of its attractions. By the shores of Lake Managua the biggest city of the country is the departure point towards natural sites of all beauty: while taking the way of the Loma de Tiscapa, you will have, from this hill, a magnificent view of both on the Lake and on the city! You will equally be able to follow Las Huellas de Acahualinca, touching impressions left by humans and animals in their escape against a volcanic eruption several thousands of years ago. Back in Managua, you'll be captivated by the charm of this city with the strong artistic and cultural character: the National Palace - located on a plaza facing Lake Managua, the Fine Arts Palace and the Government House are wonders with them all alone!

Managua is located on an area inhabited by Indian tribes at the time of the Spanish conquest of Central America in the sixteenth century.

Until the last century, Managua was a village, and grew quickly after being elevated to the rank of Capital in 1852, as a result of competition for this role between Granada and Leon. For this reason Managua has no colonial neighborhood, and never had it.

Lake Managua, "little brother" of Lake Nicaragua beautifies the city, and gives a side port. Its environment provides a promising future for Managua tourism.

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