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Masaya has often been referred to as the City of Flowers, and is the capital of the Masaya department of Nicaragua.

A small place and yet so famous, Masaya gained its fame mainly because of the arts and crafts from Nicaragua and surrounding countries. Here are the beautiful woven hammocks, painted wooden toys produced and sold in the newly renovated market in Masaya. In other countries, this market would probably be flooded by tourists; here it is still like a village market. From the bus station it is best to take a taxi to the Mercado Viejo, because the terminal is located outside the center. From the Mercado Viejo all the other sites of interest such as the Parque Central or all of the hammock - workshops are easy to reach on foot.

The azure, Laguna de Apoyo (Apoyo lagoon) is an incomparable destination. This largest volcanic lake in Nicaragua is between Masaya and Granada. The water in the sunshine shimmers beautifully. Canoeing, swimming or simply enjoying the views on the shores of beautiful sights are the things because of which it is worth to come here. The Hostel "The Bearded Monkey" in Granada has built the "Monkey Hut" here. For day trips it is absolutely brilliant! Otherwise, the lagoon can be reached easily by bus, simply take bus into the Valle de Apoyo.

The best known of the Pueblos Blancos, the small villages near the Laguna de Apoyo, are San Juan de Oriente, known for its incomparably fascinating ceramics, and Catarina. From the famous Catarina Vantage Point enjoy a breathtaking view of the Laguna de Apoyo.

The Parque Nacional Volcan Masaya (Masaya Volcano National Park) is in western Nicaragua, just outside the capital city of Managua. The park is with the two volcanoes, Masaya and Nindiri, which together include five craters. In the 500m scope, 250m deep, active crater houses green parrots. The view from here is breathtaking, if it is not taken by the sulfur fog. The park is within easy reach, take a Masaya Managua bus and get out nearly the park entrance.

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