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Panama City, PanamaPanama City (Ciudad de Panamá) is an exciting and a vibrant destination with numerous tourist attractions including beautiful parks, historic buildings in the typical Colonial Baroque style that once was popular in Central America. You will also be able to see Casco Viejo known as Colonial Panama, founded in 1673 and the historic part of town with many colonial buildings, museums and cathedrals, Panama Viejo with the extensive ruins of the old city and Amador Causeway that connects the three islands to the mainland and where you can get a magnificent views of Panama Canal and the City, and is also a great place to bike or stroll.

The capital and largest city of Panama, the city with its spectacular settings of Pacific bay, its shimmering skyscrapers of El Cangrejo and world-class luxury hotels, its sophisticated dining and exciting nightlife, its dense skyline and ecological tours is a fascinating tourist destination in itself. The Metropolitan Nature Park (Parque Natural Metropolitano) is abundance in nature and it is surprising the visitors with its undiscovered beauty with a surprising amount of wildlife and unique bird species.

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