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On the eastern side of Austria, in the Burgenland province next to Hungary is the impressive city of Eisenstadt. It is known chiefly for its wines and its long-standing link with Joseph Haydn, one of the most significant composers of the classical period. Haydn lived and worked in Eisenstadt for over forty years and our Eisenstadt travel guide will provide information about the legacy he left behind as well as other tourism information about Eisenstadt.

Without a doubt, the most famous and impressive site in Eisenstadt is Schloss Esterházy, seat of the prolific Hungarian land-owning gentry of the same name. The palace (or castle) dates back to 1364 when it began as a gothic fortress. It was acquired by the Esterházy family in 1649 and underwent a succession of refurbishments, first in the baroque style and then according to neoclassical tastes.  This magnificent building stretches across Esterházy Platz and is now an important venue for cultural events, including the Haydn Festival.  Guided tours of the superb interior including the acoustically spectacular Haydnsaal, the music hall where Haydn conducted numerous musical performances.  If you cannot attend a concert, it is worth visiting just to admire the beautiful ceiling frescoes.

Other memorials to Hayden are the tomb at Bergkirche, a fascinating church built on an artificial hill and with a very curious interior. This was Haydn’s local church and still contains the organ he used to play. The Stations of the Cross have been constructed around the interior of the church in an almost organic manner and for the devout, or simply the curious, make for a very interesting visit, quite apart from the attraction of visiting Haydn’s Mausoleum.

Haydn-Haus, where the great composer lived, is now a permanent museum and exhibition of his life while nearby the Landesmuseum offers a more comprehensive exhibition and tour of local history.  The Jewish Museum, St Martin’s Cathedral, and nearby Calvary Mountain, so significant in the Great War, are other places of interest in the area.

 But for culture of a different kind, visits to the St Georgen and Kleinhöflein districts make interesting forays into the art of viticulture. The Winzerkirtag, or wine festival in Kleinhöflein with the Heurigen wine taverns enables you to sample some of the area’s wine offerings. These may not be quite what the impressive cellars of Schloss Esterházy once contained, but they will create a jolly and lasting memory of your visit to Eisenstadt. 

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