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«Salzburg is an elegant city of high Baroque architecture watched over by the well-preserved mighty mediaeval Hohensalzburg Fortress and set against a backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery. The city is best known for its most famous son - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - whose genius is celebrated every summer in one of the world's great music festivals, the Salzburg provinces are also instantly recognisable as the setting for the 'Sound of Music'. Skiing is the local winter activity of choice at nearby fashionable resorts such as Zell am See and you can even enjoy summer skiing on the high glaciers above Kaprun. Other year-round attractions include Austria's premier spa towns like Badgastein - where you will find a mountain tunnel that claims to be the world's only natural sauna - and, Warmbad-Villach.»

Salzburg, a city gently tucked between the mountains of the snow-peaked Alps, carrying gentle tones across the waves of snow and scenery. It is a place closely associated with the arched tempos and wild melodies of Mozart and the familiar childhood songs of “The Sound of Music.” Here, antiquity and the modern sciences collide in a brilliant cacophony of art, sound and learning.

Mozart's birthplace and residence are foremost among the attractions that bring throngs of classical aficionados to Salzburg. Yet, there remains the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Salzburg Cathedral, the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History contributing to the eclectic tastes of the city itself.

The restaurants of Salzburg claim the more traditional dishes of authentic Austrian cuisine, offering rich and varied potato, meat and pastry dishes. The city caters hearty dishes that feed the body and mind, filling restaurants with satisfying flavors and scents.  Beer gardens are also a prevalent aspect of Austrian society, heavily emphasized in Salzburg. They provide open, outdoor space and long, roughly-hewn tables for partaking in traditional Austrian and German brews that warm the stomach and flush the face in stout satisfaction.

The beer gardens, night clubs and discotheques rule the nightlife in Salzburg, with sedate scenes of friendly drinking at the beer gardens and raucous, chaotic fits of light, dance and music at the night clubs and discotheques. Jasmin Bar, Salome and Der Knaller are among the many night clubs and discotheques alive and exuberant until the early hours of the morning.

Walking along the smooth roads of Salzburg, glancing up at the formidable peaks in the backdrop, the hotels offer warm, radiant light welcoming stragglers and those unfamiliar with Austria. They are clean and wide and filled with old familiarity and wisdom. They reverberate with scenes and architecture of the late 1800s, translating through the past and into the future with gothic chandeliers and art nouveau staircases, yet teeming with the electronic pulse of computers, televisions, all the luxuries of the modern age.

Weather in Salzburg drifts in and out of the seasons. It is very cold in the winter months, with winds trickling down from the rigid mountains and snows dusting along the rivers to the heart of the city. Yet, for the cold months, there is the comfort of warm beer and hearty food and the confectionary delights of Salzburg. And in the warmer months, in summer and spring, when the weather is fine and beautiful and filled with the soft rays of sunlight, there are the great works of nature that surround the city to enjoy, the ever imposing mountains and the gently rolling rivers that wrap around the city like an old friend.

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