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The cultural capital of Europe, Vienna is a mixture of the past and present. Cultural and traditional cafes, exhibitions and performances are attractions for any time of the year in this vibrant city of Austria. Vienna, the masterful city of music, filled with the ringing tones of clock towers, bells and Baroque concert halls. Down the cobbled stones you hear a familiar rhythm of scuffling feet set to the echoing compositions of Mozart. The city twists and winds around art and music set on a canvas of golden hues and a low, light tremolo.  It is a city filled with light and ambiance and a sense of great artistic prevalence.

Woven into the city, brilliant attractions of the masterworks of architecture, such as Vienna’s Ringstrabe (also known as Ringstrasse), an archaic street looming with history chiseled into fine stone, or the Art Nouveau City Railway Pavilion, pepper Vienna with the brilliance of imprinted modernity amidst the backdrop of antiquity.

The restaurants and hotels offer the formal, yet comforting, Viennese hospitality and culinary delights of authentic Austrian cuisine mingling with the more exotic tastes of southern Europe.

Touring in Vienna can range from the unusual and extraordinary to the traditional and familiar, yet all tours offer a beautiful piece of the city carved out for the visitor. There are, of course, bus tours that ride along the old cobbled pavement, stretching past the State Opera House and turning a corner at the Museum of Fine Arts. Walking and biking tours are available for the environmentally concerned and health conscience, with clearly marked trails and bikes available in droves on almost any street where the sounds of clicking, ticking bicycle mechanics are familiar to residents and visitors alike. And then there are the more unique tours, such as the segway tour blazing a trail through Vienna on balance, poise and machinery, leaving an unforgettable imprint in the mind of the spirited tourist. Or the horse-drawn carriage tours with the clopping of horse-shod feet trotting along the immense traffic of cars and buses and winding along quieter roads with the lingering feeling of falling backwards through time in a city built in long years past.

For as ancient as the city of Vienna appears in the day, at night modernity and vivacious livelihood come alive with the famous Viennese electronic music and world-renowned dance clubs like Flex and Danube Canale, pumping chaotic rhythm into the music epicenter of the world.

Travel in Vienna varies greatly, with a wide range of unique experiences for any traveler, be it through tangy cuisine or the trembling masterpieces of classical composers or the fantastic new sounds of today’s electronic music.

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