Riverside Holiday Village, Kyrenia - North Cyprus
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Riverside Holiday Village, Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Riverside Holiday Village Hotel class: Star

Address: Alsancak, Kyrenia, North Cyprus via Mersin 10 TR.

Riverside Holiday Village is located 10 kilometers west of Kyrenia and situated on the gentle slopes of five-finger mountains with multitude holiday activities. The resort offers 116 villas, all with en suite facilities, terrace or balcony and a small kitchenette. It also offers great facilities to enjoy, some include outdoor and indoor swimming pools, aqua park with fun slides, and also massage, sauna, jacuzzi facilities and for more energetic jeep safari tours are available. Riverside also has its own car rental company which you may need to go around and to explore the island.

Riverside Holiday Village Reviews

"A relaxing place"

June 9, 2008

A great resort for a relaxing holiday in North Cyprus. The surrounding is fabulous, gardens are kept clean and natural. The smell of jasmine is everywhere, water lilies are so beautiful, roses from every colour... Riverside also has a special arrangement with Escape beach which is one of the best beach clubs in the area and you do not pay entrance fee and the beach provides sun beds, umbrellas and there is a restaurant with many choices to eat. We have truly enjoyed our stay at Riverside Holiday Village in Northern Cyprus. We also hired a car of Riverside with a competitive price and explored the Famagusta area. The Karpaz peninsula boasts one of the best beaches on whole island, there are also huge donkeys on the green grasses with colourful wildflowers spread everywhere. We would recommend Riverside and North Cyprus everyone.

This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of ours.

Posted by: Carla | Location: Finland | Date of Visit: 14.05.2008 | Visit was for: Relaxing Holiday

"A wonderful place to stay"

Apr 21, 2008

We spent our 2 weeks holiday in Northern Cyprus in the Kyrenia area with many sites to explore and we took the great offer for Riverside Holiday Village offered by Cyprus Paradise. It is a wonderful place in its beautiful garden, the accommodation we were offered was a one bedroom superior villa which exactly want we wanted. The main restaurant was great for evening meals with a long open buffet with many choices of mezes. The staff were always friendly. We would recommend Riverside to everyone.

This review is the subjective opinion of a user and not of ours.

Posted by: John | Location: London-UK | Date of Visit: 21.05.2007 | Visit was for: Romantic getaway

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