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Located in central Europe, the Czech Republic was formed in 1993 when Czechoslovakia dissolved peacefully into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Leading up to this, Czechoslovakia became communist in 1948 during a coup, causing so much unrest and dissatisfaction for the next twenty years that mass protests finally broke out in 1968 during the Prague Spring. Because of the protests, the USSR invaded, quashing the protests completely with tanks and heavy militia. The Soviet troops remained and the country was now officially behind the Iron Curtain for 21 years until the Velvet Revolution of 1989 when the dictatorial region at last collapsed. Now a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic has made swift economic reforms including privatization and has achieved the status of a developed country by the World Bank.

Considering the Czech Republic has only been in existence since the early 90s, the country is excelling in just about every area. Today Czech Republic holidays are a popular choice in Europe. Proud of its tumultuous history, chateaux and castles and mansions of wealthy families are on display and exuberantly preserved in the most minute of details. Czech Republic tours are many to choose from. Here you can explore the fascinating past of the ancients lands that make up the Czech Republic, Moravia and Bohemia. As for Prague, it's Paris of the twenties, dynamic with artists, writers, bohemians and musicians, one of the most cultured cities in all of Europe and certainly rivaling the most beautiful. Prague was lucky to have escaped the bombing by the Nazis so its old architecture is well intact. This is a city also famous for its beer. Not only is it inexpensive, it's delicious and you'll find a lot of backpackers in the locals pubs any night of the week.

Even though Prague isn't the backpacker's dream of the dirt cheap destination it was a decade ago, it's still a thrilling place to be. Young Westerners come here to teach English and end up staying much longer than intended. Rents are still relatively cheap as are restaurants and cafes. It's best in the off-season when tourists aren't obscuring the charm and flooding souvenir shops. And if you do happen to be there at high season, it's possible to escape to some of the lesser known, off the beaten track parts of town. True, the center of the city, where the tourists are, is spectacular with its architecture — everything from Gothic, to Renaissance, to Baroque to Art Nouveau — but another part of the city is shrieking with modernity and exciting nightlife. Make sure you use the city's efficient and easy public transport to get you to local beer gardens, underground music clubs, art galleries and museums, not to mention parks which are al over the city. If you manage to get away from the madding crowd, things will be cheaper, more local, and far more interesting.

Tourist attractions in Czech Republic are many to choose from. The Cesky Krumlov of South Bohemia which was listed UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, the Krkonose National Park in Hradec Kralove and Liberec, the Villa Tugendhat in Brno, the St Vitus Cathedral in Prague and the Chateau Lednice are just to name a few. Czech Republic trains are one of the best options for getting around the country. To explore this exciting country don't forget to get Czech republic map from a tourist information centre.

The official Czech Republic language is Czech which is in the group of West Slavic languages.

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