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Copenhagen (København in Danish) is the capital of Denmark and is situated on Zealand, the largest island in Denmark. The city is located entirely in eastern Denmark directly at the strait to Sweden, the Oresund. Copenhagen is also the largest city in Scandinavia. Yet the capital is not a big city with millions of people, traffic jams and tall buildings, everything is designed to measure the human being, even the best-known monument in Copenhagen, the statue of the Little Mermaid is not large.

The heart of Copenhagen is the port of Nyhavn which was a former haven for fishermen and seamen, and now is the center of modernity and nightlife.

Amalienborg is the Danish Royal Residence in which the protocol is something sacred and consisting of four palaces. Don’t forget to see the change of guard at Amalienborg.

Christianshavn district is worth visiting. It is inspired by the charming neighborhood of the city of Amsterdam.

Kongens Nytorv square in central Copenhagen is the most elegant in town, where are located almost all embassies, with its ancient palaces converted into hotels, diplomatic delegations and the best shops. And if you travel to Copenhagen you must make a visit to Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks and beautiful in the world, lung of the city and a favorite spot for the Danes, including Andersen, who sought inspiration from their gardens.  

Botanical Gardens - Have Botanisk:
Address Gothersgade 128. These gardens were originally created in 1871 and have deployed some 15,000 trees in 10 hectares.

Christianborg Palace - Christianborg Slot:
The origin of this palace is a twelfth-century castle built by Bishop Absalon. This castle was built in a strategic place, in particular on the island of Slotsholmen. To access the island, there are eight bridges. At present palace is located next to several government buildings such as the National Parliament (Folketing) and the Supreme Court among others. You can visit each of them separately.

Visit the Royal Reception Halls at Christiansborg Palace. Royal Reception Halls are richly decorated with decorations made by best artists of the time and with contemporary art. Another interesting place is the Royal Stables where you can see the royal carriages.

The Little Mermaid - Lille Havfrue:
The Little Mermaid usually disappointed its visitors by its size, as it is smaller than expected. Despite its size is a strong symbol of Copenhagen, is situated on a rock on the docks of the city. The sculpture is based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen and was done by the sculptor Edward Eriksen. Its creation was funded by Carl Jacobsen, owner of the Carlsberg BREWERIES, in 1913.

The Little Mermaid is done in bronze and has suffered in recent years several acts of vandalism which are visible in several postcards that we will see in souvenir stores. To get there you need to walk about 500 meters north from the Amalienborg Square.

The Marble Church (Danish: Marmorkirken):
Frederiksgade 4. Marble Church is also known as the Church of Frederick. His leadership is based at the Cathedral of St. Peter's in Rome. Began to build in 1749 under orders of Frederick V, but the lack of funding halted the project. Until Carl Frederick Tietgen, the wealthy Danish capital banker contributed the final. Its exterior is made up of marble columns and statues of historical figures from Denmark.

Rosenborg Castle - Rosenborg Slot
Ester Voldgade. Admission fee. The Rosenborg Castle was built between 1606 and 1634 by Christian IV and was used as a summer palace. At present you can visit the jewels of the Danish Krone, Renaissance paintings. In terms stays inside the castle you can highlight the Great Hall of Frederick IV of the Baroque style.

The royal gardens also deserve a visit. There are 12 hectares on which are staggered several statues and pavilions.

Rundetaarn (The Round Tower):
Kobmegergade 52Z. This tower of 35 meters high was built in 1642 by Christian IV as part of the university and used it as an astronomical observatory and a library and church and is still used as an observatory, which makes it one of the oldest observatories in Europe. The library is used for exhibitions and the baroque style church is also open to the public.

National Gallery - Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48-50. The collection of the National Gallery has paintings, sculptures both Danish and European. You can find works of Flemish painters, Italian, French highlighting works of Rembrandt, Picasso and Matisse among others.

Tivoli Gardens and Park:
Vesterbrogade 3. These gardens date back to 1843 and are a center of entertainment for both Danes and tourists. It joins its meticulous vegetation with attractions, street performances, and roller coasters.

Strøget (literally "the stroke"):
From Radhuspladsen to Kongens Nytorv, the Plaza Del Rey.
It is the longest pedestrian mall in the world and is composed of five streets. If you let yourself be caught up in this trip you will find all kinds of shops, bars, restaurants... If you continue your drive you will get Gammel Torv Nytorv, a medieval square with street.

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