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During ancient times, Kos was known as the "floating garden of the Aegean". The fertile island is lined with fabulous beaches that stretch seemingly endless distances along the coast.

Holidaymakers will find fine sand, wide beaches with excellent water sport and leisure opportunities particularly in the area around the lively island capital of Kos Town and the north coast. Surfers and sailors flock to the western peninsula of the island that is known as Sheepshead to take advantage of the good wind conditions in Kefalos Bay.

Kos has, however, much to offer aside from beaches. Kos Town is the birth town of Hippocrates, the great doctor of the ancient times who was the first to distinguish between superstition and illness. It is also possible to visit beautiful Asklepion that lies close by, as well as ancient sanotoria and significant sanctuaries of the Aegean. Further historical ruins can be discovered all over the island. Worth noting is the fact that the countless buildings from the century-long Turkish rule have not be demolished but instead merely reworked. Slim minarets still characterise the townscape today whilst mokka and baklava are served up in the former mosques.

In contrast, villages that still largely embrace traditional methods are to be found in the thickly forested Dikeos mountain range. Those who go hiking in the gentle sloping hills will find seclusion and will be able to enjoy far-reaching views over Kos and the neighbouring island - as far as the Turkish mainland.

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