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A lively nightlife scene and inviting shopping arcades, guaranteed sunshine and idyllic sandy beaches, mountainous seclusion and architectural testimonies from three millennia - all of this is to be found on Rhodes.

Many synonyms could be used to describe the largest island in the Dodecanese. It is known as the island of the sun god, Helios: over 300 days of sunshine are recorded each year and it can become extremely hot beneath the summer sun. Recommended is either a bathe in the refreshing sea or a trip to the north coast where the constant breeze of the Meltami provides relief. A wide selection of sports and leisure activities that would fulfil any holiday wish are on offer on the wonderful beaches.

Rhodes was the island of the crusaders: the medieval Knights Hospitalers, and later the Maltese Order, had their bases here. Well worth a visit is the Grandmaster's Palace that has been carefully restored as a World Heritage Site.

Other sides to the jewel of the Aegean can be discovered in many places, the island is like one massive open-air museum: in the centuries-old alleyways of Rhodes Town or Lindos, in Byzantine monasteries or ancient ruins.

However, an atmosphere of lively vitality dominates on this island, not museum-like meditation. Rhodes Town in particular houses countless bars, pubs and restaurants within its middle-aged walls in which the Rhodians and holidaymakers eat, drink and celebrate side by side.

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