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Thessaloniki travel will create a unique memory in travelers mind. With its two universities, passion of food and thriving music scene, Thessaloniki is Greece’s second lively city and one of the oldest in Europe. The "Queen of the North", the "Bride of the Thermaic", the "city that never sleeps"; stepped in history, it is designed UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the number and value of its Byzantine churches and monuments. Neo-classical and art-deco buildings stand side by side with modern dwellings which make a walk through the city an interesting journey though time.

Thessaloniki is one of the country’s most dynamic cities to visit. Home to the “Thessaloniki International Film Festival”, the "Thessaloniki Book Fair” and an annual International Trade Fair, every September, provides a commercial and business crossroad for the Balkans and the Mediterranean.

Enjoy exciting nightlife, award-winning cuisine, shopping and culture. Being your “volta” (stroll) along the main shopping thoroughfare Tsimiski and follow this up with a leisurely café on comfy sofas at the impressive Beaux-Arts Aristotelous square and enjoy the view of “Lefkos Pyrgos” (Tower), the city’s symbol. Taste the deliciously sweet “trigona” and the traditionally creamy “bougatsa”. Choose among the innumerable side-walk cafés and the hip nightclubs at “Ladadika”, the restored former industrial area, or the trendy bars and restaurants of the Modiano Market. Walk along the ancient city walls, and visit Ossios David church of the 5th century, one of the 11 UNESCO-listed churches in Thessaloniki, containing one of its most precious mosaics. Enjoy the “Thessaloniki Jazz Festival” and “Summer Nostalgia” – the open air screenings of classical movies in the Municipal Gardens Theatre.

The motto that best captures the spirit of Thessaloniki: the residents of this exciting city are undisputed champions in enjoying life in a simple yet compelling manner and have their way in enticing visitors to share their lifestyle while in town.

Although, Thessaloniki is in part a vast metropolis, it is a village at its heart and her people live to enjoy every minute, from sunset till dawn.

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