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Pearl of the Danube. Thus the capital of Hungary is still called. The Danube River that flows through the modern metropolis of Budapest divides Hungary's beautiful capital. It crosses a broad aquatic way, noble and majestic, separating the hill of Buda (Right Bank) and Pest over the left bank. Travelers are quickly recognizing the appeal of Budapest with its incredible architecture and rich cultural heritage. On the west bank is old-world Buda with much to explore including the soaring spires of the 13th Century Mathias Church and the city's most famous landmark, the eccentric Fisherman's Bastion. Across the elegant Chain Bridge lies Pest with its fine buildings, wide avenues, modern restaurants, shops and nightlife.

This great city, with one fifth of the population of the country, is presiding over the economic, cultural, political and educational in the country as well, with 40% of the industry. It has two distinct parts: Buda on the west side of the river, and Pest to the east. In 1872 came together to form a single city.

The Romans built a military camp in Buda. King Matthias Corvinus (1458-1490) fortified medieval population and became the capital of Hungary in the fifteenth century. The Buda Castle, in the heart of the Buddha, has a mixture of Romanesque buildings, Gothic and Baroque that were reconstructed to harsh penalties after the almost total destruction it suffered between 1944 and 1945, when the Germans who resisted the Soviet forces occupying for seven weeks. Among its narrow streets and passageways are steep: the former royal palace, now a magnificent complex of museums, galleries and a library, the colorful church Matthias (or the Coronation), the Fishermen's Bastion, built in the Hill Castle, on what was previously fish market and fishing village in 1903; medieval churches and houses of excellent architecture. Gellert Hill, in the south is crowned by the monument to the Liberation, 32 m. height, which commemorates the battles of the Second World War, and offers a broad panorama of the city. Buddha's main street was the scene of the demonstration which led to the 1956 Hungarian uprising, crushed by Soviet soldiers.

Pest, located on the plains, east, in the first century AD, was a small fortified Roman colony and then an active commercial center which expanded rapidly when it became part of the capital. It has concentric avenues lined with trees, crossed by wide streets as Rakoczi Ut, the main shopping street, which starts from the inner city of Pest, which contains remnants of its ancient walls. Inside it stands a twelfth-century parish church, with a Muslim prayer niche, used as a mosque during the occupation of the Turks (1541-1686); Pesti Vigadó the concert hall, where presented the composers Liszt, Brahms, Bartok and Kodaly, and modern hotels stand in front of the river. The huge Parliament building, with its dome, dominates the front of the river to the north, with its ministries and courts in the vicinity. The Metro Pest, which began in 1895, is the second oldest in the world, after London. Several elegant bridges completely restored after the destruction during the war. The oldest, the Chain Bridge, was designed and built by British engineers William and Adam Clarke (1839-1849). The bridge connects the two sides Margarita with the holiday island of Margarita. Pest has vast surrounding suburbs, which are the most important industries that produce electrical equipment, foodstuffs industrialized, chemicals, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, paper and tissues. The suburbs of Pest contrast with the Buddha, home to the villas, houses of weekends and holiday villages to practice walking in summer and skiing in winter, and the charming suburb of southern Budafok, where they have dug for wine cellars on the slopes along the river. Its population is 2,064,400 inhabitants.

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