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The magic of the ancient city of Torino (also known as Turin) is evident as soon as you draw closer to it. Even though she is the fourth largest city in Italy, Torino has an elegance that few cities around the world can match.

Torino has a long and rich history. She started life as a Celtic or Ligurian city but was eventually destroyed by Hannibal in 218 BCE. A few centuries later she became a prosperous Roman city and caught the attention of the Goths, Lombards and Franks afterwards. Throughout the centuries she gained prominence and wealth and enduring beauty.

A tour around Torino means a tour around history. The leafy lined streets hold a wealth of cultural attractions and things to do. Start with a trip to Castello di Rivoli located on Piazza Mafalda di Savoia Rivoli. This striking 17th century castle holds a permanent collection reflecting the importance of Italy’s modern art scene. Feast your eyes on some amazing and striking exhibitions.

One of the reasons many tourists visit Torino is due to the famous Shroud of Turin. The renowned shroud is not here anymore but a copy of it is on permanent display near the altar in the Duomo Di San Cathedral. This cathedral was built during 1491 and 1498 but there are many ancient Roman sites around the building.

With such a long history there are many museums which celebrate each century. For ancient history the Museo d'Antichità holds the best of Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Savoy dynasty artifacts. The Museo della Sindone is dedicated to the paraphernalia surrounding the Rurin’s Shroud and the Museo Nazionale del Cinema allows you to explore cinematic history. Each museum is a sheer delight to explore.

For something a little different a trip to Borgo Medievale is a must-see. In 1884 the artificial medieval village of Rocca was created for the Italian General Exhibition. Today it is a pleasant excursion away from the city centre for visitors of all ages.

The Porta Palazzo is the largest open aired market where you can shop until you drop, or your wallet does. There is everything you can imagine here, from clothes to shoes to toys to fruit and vegetables. If this isn’t enough there is a giant antiques market held in the Aurora Piazza Borgo Dora every second Sunday where you can buy something to astound your family and friends back home.

After a hard day’s exploration tourists can explore what Torino has to offer in the way of gastronomic delights. The city has many different types of restaurants, cafes and bars. Authentic and rustic 17th century buildings provide romantic settings whilst dining with loved ones and pleasant little cafes provide charm for those on smaller budgets.

Soon it is time to rest your weary head. A variety of hotels ranging from five to one stars are readily available throughout the year. For the more price cautious there is an array of pleasant little guesthouses which welcome visitors with open arms.

Torino is a city that makes you smile. She is full of charm, historical attractions and flower-lined colonnaded roads, making her a city where you can enjoy an authentic taste of Italy.

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