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With 62 miles of canals, the best introduction to this delightfully compact, centuries-old city is by boat. Take one of the glass-roofed cruisers to glide past the row upon row of ornate mansions that line Amsterdam's cobweb of criss-crossing canals. As the homeland of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, Dutch art galleries house one of the most impressive fine art collections in the world. In the evening, spend your euros leisurely in the city's many restaurants, cafés and bars.

If there is anything that coupling of Amsterdam is its modernity and at the same time the atmosphere of small town, safe, comfortable, ideal for exploring on foot, by bicycle or tram, and always with plenty of things to do. No! Amsterdam is not only the tourism capital of cannabis; it is also the cultural heart of the Netherlands.

Capitalizing on the public transport in Amsterdam is the recommendation if you are seeking to visit as many places including a museum. Probably the most interesting are the Rijkmuseum and the Van Gogh museum that has an added value of being the largest museum in the Netherlands and one of the best art galleries in the world. Works by Bosch, Vermeer, the famous "Night Round" of Rembrandt and the building of the Rijksmuseum are spectacular.

If you are interested in flowers, you can go to the Amstelpark, in which you can find greenhouse some of the most outstanding floral motifs. And this is just one of the 28 parks that we can visit in Amsterdam. Do not forget the tulips and windmills, which are common in the countryside.

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