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Eternally snow-capped mountain peaks complete for your attention with narrow rugged fjords, frozen lakes, endless tundra and forests, Enchantingly unique, this is the Land of the Midnight Sun. Discover best of Norway with our Norway travel guide providing Norway tourism & travel information with hotels, tourist attractions, places to visit, things to do, tours, Norway fjords and more.

Carved by enormous glaciers, astoundingly deep fjords cut through the whole coastline of Norway. Ships can sail miles and miles inland, passing fishing villages, farms, forests, and snow-capped mountains. From these same places, the Vikings once sailed to explore other parts of the world, and all these centuries later, their descendants have kept Norway one of the greatest seafaring nations in the world.

Norway's national parks are a source of huge national pride. Norwegians know how important it is to protect the environment and this is shown in more than just their words. Their national parks are world famous and expansive. Norwegians also have a social conscious that shows itself in its highly developed welfare system, its promises to reduce carbon emissions, its ethical investments from its oil money, and in its incredibly generous foreign aid donations. Norway is currently in turmoil on the question of whether it should remain outside the EU.

Even though Norway is at the same altitude as Alaska, it has an amazingly temperate climate because of the north flowing Gulf Stream which runs along the coast. The average maximum temperatures in July are 16 degrees in the south and 13 degrees in the north. January's average maximum temperature is 1 degree and -3 degrees respectively. Even in the Arctic, extreme temperatures are possible. In July of 1998, Narvik's temperature went above 30 degrees. Winter temperatures, however, can drop down to the minus 50s.

If you're looking for an outdoor experience, visit Femundsmarka National Park which surrounds Femunden Lake. The park is known for falconry and you might also catch sight of grazing reindeer in the heights. In the summer, a herd of musk oxen roams the river areas.

Most visitors come for Norway fjords of course, but the high country of central Norway is just as spectacular. Many believe it contains the best mountain scenery in all of northern Europe, including the best hiking, white-water rafting and two of the country's most attractive towns.

Roros, a UNESCO world heritage site, is one of Norway's most charming villages. It's an old mining town full of timber homes and turf-roofed cottages. To the south is Lillehammer, which hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics and is home of the Olympic Museum. It also still has its ski jump and bobsled run from the Olympics and its lakeside setting makes it as picturesque as you remember.

Ringebu and Lom are both fairytale towns complete with stave churches. Lom is a crossroads town for Norway's most scenic drive, including Sognefjellet Road, running over the mountains and down into fjord country. Connecting these are tranquil back roads and hiking trails that go through some national parks, such as Rondane. Within the park you may see reindeer, elk, and musk ox.

Norway's Geilo (a mountain village between Bergen and Oslo) is the most popular destination for ski holidays, health and wellness.

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