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The Canary Islands Travel Guide - Spain


The Canaries are Spain's Paradise Isles, which are an all year round destination. Made up of seven main islands and several smaller outcrops, they are just the tips of a vast volcanic mountain range that lies beneath the Atlantic Ocean. For such a small area, the landscape is incredibly varied, from dramatic volcanic plateaus to soaring mountain peaks, subtropical forest and sun-drenched sandy beaches.

The Islands

Canary IslandsTenerife contrasts the snow-capped grandeur of Mountain Teide with lush greenery, sandy bays and lively resorts. Lanzarote's dramatic lunar landscape is fringed with seemingly endless beaches. Beautiful scenery and glorious beaches abound in fun-filled Gran Canaria. And for that dreamy, away-from-it-all feeling, there is Fuerteventura, a beach-lover's paradise. Beyond the resorts, you can still find tiny villages, whitewashed hamlets perched on hilltops and even wide-open wilderness. So whether you come to soak up the sun and sip Sangria, or explore the Island's ever-changing terrain, the Canaries promise the perfect getaway all year round.

The Canary Islands may be closer to Africa than Spain but the atmosphere could not be more Latin. The hours are typically Mediterranean - relaxed and unhurried with a late morning start, long break for lunch, afternoon siesta and then a few more hours work before the pace hots up when the sun goes down and the towns and villages socialise well into the night.

The Canary Islands

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