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The ancient volcanic explosions that created the Canarian archipelago left behind a spectacular legacy. Gran Canaria stretches just 40 kilometers from north to south and yet the landscape is so varied - from mountains to deep ravines, tropical forests, deserted and glorious beaches - that the island is often called a continent in miniature.

South-east beaches

Playa de Maspalomas, Gran CanariaFamed for its long golden sands and dunes, Playa De Maspalomas is relatively quiet but not dar from the bright lights of its more vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbour Playa Del Ingles. Days here are spent on its vast white sand beaches and once the sun disappears below the horizon, the streets and promenades of Playa del Ingles come alive to the sound of the clinking glasses and partygoers' music of the many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Nearby San Agustin is quieter and more a sophisticated resort ideal for a relaxing holiday but close to the hustle and bustle of the busier resorts. Other nearby beaches include Playa de Tarajillo and Playa de las Burras.

South-west beaches

Puerto Rico, Gran CanariaPuerto Rico is the largest, liveliest resort in the South West. It is a picturesque resort set on the side of a ravine with stunning views across the ocean, the wide sandy beach and luxury yachts moored in a marina lined by cafés, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. For a smaller, quieter beach, Playa del Cura is nearby. The tranquil little fishing village of Arguineguin is a short ride from Puerto Rico and is known for some of the best fish restaurants in the Canaries. Patalavaca is a peaceful holiday resort in a sandy bay where you can top up your tan in peace. Equally relaxed is the holiday area around the fishing village of Puerto de Mogan, sometimes called 'Little Venice' because of its tiny bridges.

Gran Canaria at a glance

What to do:

Pedaloes and dinghies are available to hire. For the more energetic, every kind of water sport is on offer from water-skiing to the Island's famous windjammer cruises. In some offshore areas the rougher seas and strong breezes are ideal for board or windsurfing. Away from the beach, splash out on a Water Park like Aquasur or Ocean Park or try one of the Island's Theme Parks such as the subtropical oasis at Palmitos Park or a roaring Wild West experience at Sioux City.


Maspalomas is far more than a beach. On the southern tip of Gran Canaria it is 6km long and at some points 1km wide, an awe-inspiring and undulating landscape of wind-sculpted Sahara-like dunes. Search for a secluded spot to worship the sun undisturbed, or explore the vast, constantly shifting sands by joining a camel trek.
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