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If you truly want to feel you have stepped into a storybook setting or a bygone era, you must visit Fribourg. The aim of our Fribourg travel guide is to bring you the travel and tourism information you need to ensure you make the most of your visit to this enchanting Swiss town. Set in the Gruyere area and famous for both its splendid cheeses and chocolates, Fribourg sits patiently waiting for the discriminating traveller to seek it out and discover its charms.

And charming is the best word to describe Fribourg. What is an absolute must to see is the enchanting mediaeval castle in its fairytale surroundings. It sits atop a hill, overlooking its own grounds, which include a maze garden and affording it breathtaking views of the surrounding area. In fact its setting inspired local artists to produce some of the most important fantasy art in Europe, some of which can be seen in the Knights’ Room. 

Surrounded by an awe-inspiring landscape of lakes and mountains which feature some first rate ski resorts, this small mediaeval city is surprisingly vibrant in its cultural connections. Its arts scene is diverse with galleries and musical events, including the annual arts festival, catering for all tastes thanks partly to its thriving, multi-cultural university. Art and history work in harmony in Fribourg’s museums and historic buildings; and its stately cathedral with its gothic bell tower, and other elegant churches are well worth inspection.

The rumbling funicular railway, built in 1899 to run on the town’s waste water, is one of Fribourg’s pride and joys and an essential ride to explore the heart and soul of the town and avoid a weary hill climb. There are bars, cafes, gourmet restaurants and a buzzing night life within Fribourg and much to do on its outskirts. The Papiliorama with its domed pavilions, the Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory and Charmey Adventures, an entertainment park, are just three attractions within easy reach of Fribourg and which should not be missed.

Fribourg’s 16th century town hall, with its spindly turrets is the much photographed seat of parliament and its octagonal clock tower and mechanical figures are a great curiosity. Take a guided tour through the old town or simply wander through the narrow cobbled streets of L’Auge and Neuveville at your leisure, criss-crossing lovely old bridges as you explore the mediaeval architecture of the old town; the towers and gates of the ancient fortress; the beautiful fountains and old churches. This is the best way to see Fribourg and to experience the enchantment of this wonderful old town.

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