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If you would like to know exactly why Thun is often called Switzerland’s city of charm, our Thun travel guide will make it clear by providing essential travel and tourism information about this ancient city. In fact Thun, in the canton of Bern and midway between Switzerland’s capital and one of its most popular tourist beauty spots, Interlaken, has its origins in Neolithic times. During the Roman occupation around 586 BCE it was the centre of Roman administration. It later became part of the Holy Roman Empire. All this should give you a hint of the historic charms that lay in store for visitors to this delightful city.

Its historic old town with its central castle and museum sits on the river Aare, about a kilometre inland from Lake Thun. This 12th century castle is truly one of the finest examples of mediaeval architecture in Switzerland and a visit to it is an absolute must. The airy, refurbished Knight’s Room with its platemail armoured mannequins draws you into the era of handsome and agile noble knights fighting for fair maidens. The castle’s museum is a showplace for ancient artefacts, weaponry and uniforms, as well as ceramics and toys. 

Apart from the castle, the old town has many fascinating buildings to see, including the church with its early 14th century tower and the 16th century town hall. Many cafes, restaurants and bars abound the Muhleplatz area along the banks of the river and in summer these spill out of doors and add to the general friendly ambience of the town.

In summer also the water sports around Lake Thun are a great attraction and the pleasant bathing beach is an ideal spot to soak up some sunshine. The lake itself is a lively place for boating and sailing and a colourful restored paddle steamer chugs up and down the waterway. There are many excursions and day trips by boat as well as by train and cable car and some beautiful views to be enjoyed from various vantage points.

Mounts Stockhorn, Niesen and Niederhorn offer fabulous panoramic views from their heights and all are accessible by cable car. There are numerous breathtaking hiking trails to follow which will allow you to commune with nature, enjoy the stunning alpine scenery and appreciate everything that this magical gateway to the Berne Oberland has to offer its visitors.

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