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Alanya, TurkeyAlanya, Turkey is described as the paradise of sea, sun and sand. Here feel the warmth of Mediterranean breeze and enjoy historical sites, beautiful vast beaches, many fish restaurants, luxurious hotels and resorts and its colorful nightlife, cafes and bars. Alanya is one of the most outstanding holiday getaways and tourism centres in Turkey. This Alanya travel guide is dedicated to providing quality tourism and travel information for holidays in this the region of Turkey.

In the ancient times, Alanya is referred to as 'Pamphilia' or 'Klikia', as it positioned itself between these two cities. Research has shown that the first traces of settlement in this region date back to as far back as 20.000-17.000 BC. At some point in history, the city was named 'Korakesium' and in the Byzantine times it was referred to as 'Kalanoros'. Later came to be known as 'Alaiye' under Anatolian Seljuk rule, the city was renamed 'Alanya' by Ataturk in the year 1935.

Famous travelers such as Strabon, Piri Reis, Seyyep, İbn-I Batuta and Evliya Çelebi write about Alanya in their books and epistles. In the 17th century AD, the city suffered Arab Raids, thanks to which the defence mechanisms were strengthened. It is for very reason that there are many walls, castles, and churches to explore around Alanya.

As you get closer to Alanya, you are welcomed by a traffic jam. Once you get to the city centre, however, the traffic ceases to be a problem; rather you see people in their swimming suits walking along the way to one of the beaches that adorn the coastline. Maybe the most exciting thing about being in Alanya is that you feel you are only a few steps far from the nearest beach which can take you right away into the cool waters of the Mediterranean...

Entrance to beaches is not paid – chaise-longues and umbrellas are available at a very reasonable cost. So put your swimming suit and go on swimming at any beach you like.

The most famous beach in Alanya is Cleopatra Beach. This is a blue flag beach on the shores of the Alanya Peninsula. Legend has it the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra stopped by here during a Mediterranean camping and bathed in this very bay. What make this bay famous and admirable are its clear blue waters. If you want to make most of it, try swimming to the Phosphorus Cave – do not forget to take your diving mask with you for this cave offers a spectacular view of sea life.

It is possible to get enlisted for a cruise, which takes you to a variety of beaches, coves and caves around Alanya. You can swim in the crystal clear blue waters and visit caves that house thousands year old legends and tales. It is said that most of the caves are once occupied by pirates who hid their treasures in them. Pirates Cave, Lovers Cave, Phosphorus Cave – all have their own legends...

Long been the popular holiday destination, Alanya is like specialized in tourist attraction events. Besides daily tours, waters sports are offered in the blue waters of Mediterranean – sea-parachuting, jet skiing, and many more... In short, everything you want for an enjoyable holiday is available in the city.

Don't leave without visiting Damlatas Cave, situated very close to the city centre. The cave, covered with stalactites and stalagmites, was discovered in 1948 during an excavation work carried out for opening a stone quarry. The entrance part of the cave is 50 meters long and 15 meters high. After this part, you arrive at a cylindrical chamber, which takes you down to the basement of the cave. Stalactites and Stalagmites that adorn this cave have been formed in 15 thousand years. Still, water drips from the stalactite and thus the name 'Damlataş', meaning dripping stone. Kizilkule, Tersane and Darphane are other tourist attractions worth visiting.

In Alanya, you can spend a whole day visiting historical places and giving a break in between to swim. But nightlife in Alanya is colorful; real entertainment launches at night. As soon as people have their dinner, the streets are empty until 23:00. Later on every street at the city centre gets crowded and music plays out loud at every corner. It is as if the city becomes alive again.

The bars are located especially around the harbor. Besides bars and cafes, hotels offer various kind of entertainment every night. Therefore don’t spend all your energy in daytime. Travel to Alanya to make most of it.

Airports near Alanya are Antalya and Dalaman airports.

Alanya Hotels & Accommodation

  • Hotel Kleopatra
  • Gold Safran Hotel
  • Beach Club Doganay Hotel
  • Best House Hotel
  • Parador Hotel
  • Kaptan Hotel Alanya
  • Kleopatra Dreams Beach Hotel
  • Club Big Blue Suite Hotel
  • Kandelor Hotel
  • Elysee Hotel
  • Kahya Hotel
  • Arancia Resort Hotel

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