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"The Turkish St. Tropez" is how the lively beach resort in the Southern Aegean likes to be known. Idyllically situated below a Medieval fort, the town of Bodrum enchants visitors with its white houses, blue window frames, blooming bougainvillea and a pretty harbour.

For some time now, summer in Bodrum for a large segment of the Turkish population. Those in love with this popular holiday destination know that the expression "Bodrum every night" means something. The wanderers who come from all around the world with their backpacks never find it difficult to be happy and enjoy themselves in this lively town.

Sea, sand and more in Bodrum, Turkey:

The magnificent historic castle that rises panoramically on the Cordon (Kordonboyu), a waterfront promenade, is probably the best spot to start a sight-seeing tour in Bodrum. One of the most pleasant surprises of this castle which was built by the Knights of Rhodes is the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum that is hidden in the dim corridors of the castle. The most interesting exhibitions in this world-famous museum are the Uluburun Shipwreck which is known to be the oldest shipwreck in the world and the seal of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

After visiting the castle and walking the Cordon filled with brigantines, you can spend some time in the bazaar. There are many interesting objects that you can buy here, including Bodrum t-shirts, the famous sandals of the region, fish souvenirs made of glass, authentic ornaments, and sponges which are considered to be the jewels of the sea. Another well-protected secret of Bodrum is the Yacht Club. Due to its location and name, one might think that this is one of those clubs with the “Members Only” plate on the front door. Of course, this is not the case. You can enter the yacht club without hesitation. The club, located next to the main door of the marina, offers breakfast and provides services until late night. The cool Aegean breeze, the breathtaking view of the castle and the wooden docks of Turkbuku, the best spot for an aristocratic holiday, appears to be replaced with elite beach parties. Know for its beautiful holiday villages, Torba presents a wide variety of alternatives in terms of shopping and food. Bitez, the surfing and sailing haven in Bodrum due to its shallow sea and favourable winds, is also famous for its beaches with fine sand. The night clubs of Bitez are also the new favourite spots for a colourful night life in Bodrum. Gumbet, located to the east of the Agacli Bay, is full of hotels, motels and holiday resorts. Many boats anchor near this bay which has small but nice, sandy shores. Aquarium or the Ada Bogazi, located between Gumbet and Bitez, is the right place for taking a daily boat trip. Fener Beach in Turgutreis, a district famous for its tangerine gardens, is the best spot for various sea sports including surfing and sailing. Aspat beach with its crystal clear water, located near the 1500 year old castle, is one of the most fascinating places where you can appreciate the uniqueness of the town.

Aegean variations in Bodrum, Turkey:

Bodrum was defined by the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, a colourful figure of the Turkish literature, in the following words: “Do not think that you will leave as you came, those who came before thought the same. However, they all left their mind in this town and went away...” Of course, Bodrum is not a mere tourism centre with beautiful beaches. It has a three thousand year old history. Herodotus, the famous Greek historian from the town, wrote that the city was founded a thousand year ago B.C. by the Dorians, on the site where the castle is located. Bodrum, the old name of which is Halicarnassus, lived its golden age in the fourth century B.C. the Mentese Principality was founded here in 1274 and the town came under the rule of the Ottomans during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent.

The ruins of old city of the Middle Ages are not recoverable because they are buried under the new settlements. There are around 20 diving spots in the region for those who want to discover the underwater historical and natural riches of Bodrum.

Another way to make the best out of a daily trip to Bodrum is to take a boat trip. The most favourite route followed by the boats that depart from the Bodrum port is as follows: Cape Asarlik, Myndos, Aquarium, Gorecek Island, Kara Island, Gokova Bay, Cokertme Bay and Orak Ilsand. You will enjoy swimming in these deserted bays.

The touristic lifestyle that fills the beaches and narrow streets and tours the ancient city in the mornings turn into a nighttime entertainment lifestyle in the evenings. One of the most colourful nightlife scenes of Turkey, Bodrum is now home to around 350 night clubs and discos. Famous pop music and rock music stars of Turkey perform at Tas Ev and Kule Bar on the always ecstatic and crowded Barlar Street. Kuba and Fink on the Marina Avenue are trendy; Moonlight is too Anglophile; Kedi is insistently rock n’ roll, and Hadigari is the elegant boy of the Barlar Street...

Far away from the crowd:

The Bodrum Peninsula is full of historic and natural beauties that always surprise visitors, such as unspoilt villages as opposed to its crowded and touristic bays. Sardima and deserted Greek village at the top of Yalikavak which is famous for its windmills and pubs and Karakaya at the top of Gumusluk will show you an aspect of Bodrum that is undiscovered: The poetry of the stone. The Bargylia Ancient City in Gulluk is full of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ruins. The quiet Kuyucek Port, whish has been used as a natural port since the Ottomans, is the ideal spot for lunchtime. But if you insist on having a combination of sea, fish and romance, you need to visit Gumusluk. There are many options for those who prefer to have dinner on a coastal restaurant instead of a boat. The silver reflection of the moonlight on the sea is just fascinating in this silvery village where you can see the underwater ruins of the ancient city of Myndos two thousand years after it was flooded. You must visit Rabbit Island, which is within walking distance from the shore, in order to feed wild rabbits. Another secret treasure of Bodrum is Mazikoy. You can reach this unspoilt village after passing Gulluk and turning left from from Guvercinlik and then following the Mumcular route. With its crystal clear sea, green nature, and protected trees and rocks, Mazikoy is a true earthly paradise. The sea in this village is cool even during the hottest days of Bodrum summer.

Secret heavens of Bodrum, Turkey:

In recent years, Yaliciftlik has become one of the most popular holiday sites in Bodrum. It takes 20 minutes from the city centre to reach Yaliciftlik by car the trip is enjotable because of the pine forests surrounding the road. There has been a recent increase in the number of hotels and resorts in Yaliciftlik which is home to some of the most beautiful bays of Bodrum.

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