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Situated in the northwest of the Anatolian peninsula, Bursa is among the rare cities that have been home to many civilizations and their religions for centuries. You can still find the architectural traces of Muslim, Christian and Jewish religions within the borders of this province of Turkey. Particularly, İznik (the district of Bursa) hosted important consul meetings in the history of Christianity in the 5th century. İznik is also one of eight centers of sacred pilgrimage for Christianity and most important in Turkey. Bursa is also home to many museums, national parks, caravanserais, churches, synagogues, promenades and tombs.

You can also find some beautiful natural beaches in Karacabey, Mudanya and Gemlik districts and on the shores of Iznik and Ulubat (Apolyont) Lakes.

Located 36 km south of Bursa, in the south Marmara region is majestic Mount Uludag. It is famous for its winter sports including skiing, kayaking, snowboarding and other numerous activities. Declared a national park for its rich flora and fauna in 1961, Uluda is not only famous for its winter tourism but also its camping, trekking, beautiful picnic areas. Called as the Olympos Mysios in the antique epoch, Uludag is also known as the place from where the gods surveyed the Trojan War.

Bursa is also a thermal tourism centre with its rich mineral and hot thermal springs and natural spas. You can find some of these hot spring resorts in the regions of Çekirge in the center, Gemlik, İnegöl, Orhangazi and Mustafakemalpaşa.

For the lovers of nature, Bursa is a true paradise. The Turkish people call the city as “Yeşil Bursa” (Green Bursa). You can try walking in the nature or bird watching in the numerous areas. For bird watching, Iznik Lake (the 5th largest in Turkey), Ulubat Lake and delta of Karaçay are home to numerous species of birds. During your walk in the tranquil natural landscapes if you are greeted by a wild wolf, jackal, beer, deer, fox, vulture, eagle or magpie, don’t be surprised.

The essentials: Visit Cumalıkızık and hot thermal springs, ski at Uludag, try Iskender Kebab, Kemalpaşa dessert and chestnut sweet and buy silk of Bursa.

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