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Located on the southern shores of the Dardanelles Strait, Canakkale is a popular holiday destination in the beautiful Mediterranean country of Turkey. Canakkale has a long history, stretching back thousands of years ago when it was known as Hellespontos and Dardanelles at various historical eras. Indeed, the famous historical city of Troy is located not too far from this beautiful city.

A city guide to Cannakkale is essential if you want to know what things to do are available. The city has some fabulous cultural attractions; the first port of call is the Dardanelles. This is the strait which divides Gallipoli (Europe) and Cannakkale (Asia). It has always played a vital role in the maritime industry for thousands of years – indeed, the historical Trojan War was probably the reason why it started in the first place. After gazing at the waters, visit the 15th century fortresses of Cimenlik and Kilitbahir which straddles the strait and the interesting Military Museum located in Cimenlik itself.

As the maritime industry has played a vital role in the city’s growth, you should definitely pay a visit to the Naval Museum. Here you will find various interesting displays and models. The emphasis is on the 1915/16 Gallipoli campaign, with a striking model of the Nusrat, which sunk three Allied ships attempting to arrive in Constantinople. 

Head south of the main square and you will discover the Archaeological Museum. Cannakkale has been inhabited since at least 3000 BCE and as such, has been rich in archaeological finds. You will be amazed at the vast array of artefacts discovered, right from Bronze Age goods to more recent objects. Since Cannakkale is so close to the ancient city of Troy, there are various exhibits on this topic, each which will fascinate you completely.

Restaurants in Cannakkale feature a vast array of cuisines from in and around the Mediterranean, as well as Western type cafes and bars. There are some delicious local dishes to try – remember to sample the bomba, which can be found near the harbour.

There is a good selection of hotels in Cannakkale, many near the harbour featuring fantastic views of the ships sailing past. Remember to book in advance if you decide to come here at the end of April – the 25th is Anzac Day and hotels are booked very early to ensure that you get a room.

Cannakkale is a wonderful place to visit – more relaxed than other cities, it boasts a wonderful atmosphere, a rich history, stunning weather and a great culture. What more could you want in a holiday destination?

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