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The stunning harbour town of Kas, with its cosy beaches, fishermen pulling into the harbour, its little boutiques and shady tea gardens, makes for a charming picture. This friendly town used to be a place where political dissidents were exiled to reluctantly, but now it is a place where people want to visit. A second home to rich Turks, Kas is a truly stunning place.

Reading up on your city travel guide to Kas will allow you to plan your holiday and find out about what things to do are available in this area. It has a wonderful atmosphere, full of culture, history, bars, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife with superb water activities available as well as hiking opportunities.

Kas has some wonderful beaches to enjoy but they are rocky beaches, not sand. Quiet and rather small, there are several of them in and around Kas, making them perfect if you don’t want to be surrounded by others. You will also discover a variety of cafes and restaurants who supply free sun loungers for those who want to soak up the sun.

The town has a long history, stretching back into the Bronze Age, and there’s no place better than Kas to understand this era better. Better still, you don’t even have to travel to view them. There are numerous stone Lycian tombs constructed into the face of the mountain and at night, they are illuminated, making for a stunning photo opportunity. If you want, you can hike up to the tombs but make sure you have a good pair of comfortable walking shoes on. Another great place to visit is the Lycian Way, where you can get away from the crowds.  

Kas used to be called Antiphellos and the ancient theatre is the last surviving monument from this period. It has been restored, painstakingly and lovingly so, and can be found west of the town square. For those interested in history, head up to the Monument Tomb, a Lycian sarcophagus which was once one of many, but now only a few has survived the locals plundering for building materials.

Restaurants in Izmir can be a bit on a pricey side but the food definitely makes up for the steep prices. However, for a cheaper and authentic option, try the home cooking, known as ev yemekleri, which can be found in various eateries.

There is a wide selection of decent hotels in Izmir but book early to ensure that you get a room during the main season from April to October. The 29th October is Turkish Independence Day so hotels can be fully booked around this time.

Izmir is a fanastic place for an holiday no matter what type you like. With the hiking opportunities in the surrounding hills and mountains, water activities in the ocean, and various cultural and historical sites in and around the city, Izmir certain is a holiday destination loved by travellers all over the world.

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