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Kastamonu, TurkeyAncient yet modern, small yet fascinating, Kastamonu is a peaceful paradise situated near the Black Sea coast, in Turkey. With its beautiful unspoilt landscape, panoramic mountain scenery, lush green valleys, emerald coasts, rich cultural heritage and ancient architecture it is a peaceful place to getaway from turbulent city life.

Once home to Hittites, Kasians, Phrygians, Kimmerians, Lydians, Persians, Pontus Greeks, Romans and Byzantines the city boasts numerous historical sites to visit. The ancient settlement of Paflagonia province’s capital Pompeipolis that was founded by the Romans is situated at today’s Taşköprü district of Kastamonu. The main historical attraction, Kastamonu Castle was built by Kommenos that is one of Byzantine Dynasties, and is greeting the visitors with its charming presence for centuries.

Kastamonu is one of the rare cities where you can find great examples of traditional Turkish houses, which are traditionally built with an architectural style unique to this region, and Ottoman architecture. Strolling among the well preserved ancient streets of Kastamonu and Taşköprü is fascinating their visitors.

As well as its wealthy history and cultural heritage its spectacular natural beauty is also fascinating the travellers. Among these natural riches Ilgaz Mountain National Park is perfect for mountain and winter sports. Situated 40km south of Kastamonu, Ilgaz Mountain Kayak Centre attracts a lots of visitors for winter sports. It is also a great base for trekking and hiking tours. The Alinca underground cave at Küre, The Ilgarini cave at Cide, and the International Equestrian Tourism Center of Daday are other attractions worth visiting in Kastamonu. With its abundant green forests and wild fish it will create an unforgettable travel experience.

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