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Dining in Kastamonu

Kastamonu has a rich culinary tradition. The main reason for this wealth is the variety of vegetation grown in the nature. The types of food found in the Kastamonu region are more than 812. There are more than 38 types of soup recipes and 50 types of bread varieties.

Some traditional foods of the Kastamonu region are "Etli Ekmek", a thinly rolled bread dough topped with a meat mixture, served with pickle and ayran (a traditional yogurt drink), "Biran-kuyu kebab", a lamb kebab and "Tarhana soup" a soup with dried yogurt.

Grapes, apples, plums and the garlic from Taşköprü district and the rice grown in Tosya are famous throughout the country. In addition, the area is famous for cherries, chestnuts from İnebolu, cornelian cherries and walnuts from Araç, pears from Azdavay, plums (prune plums, white plums) and others from Taşköprü and Daday, and the mushrooms, mountain strawberries and thyme which grow in the surrounding provinces of Kastamonu.

Kastamonu is also famous for its çekme helva (made of halvah), pekmezli un helvasi (flour halvah with grape molasses) and kaşik (spoon) halvah.

Kastamonu Restaurants

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