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Located on the Gulf of Antalya, the beautiful town of Kemer is a fantastic destination for a holiday. Indeed, millions of people from all over the world venture here for a week or two for relaxation, taking in the sites and sampling the local culture and cuisine. With superb year round weather, a picturesque backdrop and a rich culture, it’s no wonder why people come to this beautiful Mediterranean destination.

Kemer started life centuries ago as the Lycian town of Idyros. Until 1916 it was later known Eski Koy, meaning Old Village in English. It was at this point that a 14 mile stone wall was erected in order to divert the stream from the mountains from flooding the town, which had been an issue for centuries. The name Kemer was given to the town which is another word for the walls. Until the 1980s when a road and investment was given to promote local tourism the town was inaccessible and quiet.

Today, Kemer has a good tourist industry and a travel guide to Kemer will allow you to plan your travel itinerary and understand what things to do are available. One hotspot for tourists are the beaches and other stunning natural beauty areas. The beaches in Kemer are generally stony instead of sandy, but they are quiet, secluded and offer great water activities such as diving, fishing, swimming and snorkling. As Kemer is surrounded by forests and mountains, there is amble hiking opportunities available here also.

If it is culture and history which excites you then Kemer will certainly not disappoint. Take a trip to Mount Chimaera; this volcano is said to be where the myth of the Chimera was supposed to have originated from (although other ancient sources give other locations as the source). In 1811, Sir Francis Beaufort identified this mountain as the location and it has been a vital part of Kemer’s tourist trade. The mountains provide stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Head 30 kilometres from Kemer and you will come to the gorgeous village of Ulupinar, located near the Olympos Valley National Park. The village itself is full of charm and appeal, with restaurants serviving trout freshly caught from the nearby river.

The number one tourist destination here is the ancient Lycian city Phaselis, Located near the Olympos National Park, around 16 kilometres west of Kemer, its history stretches back to 700 BCE when it was founded by the Rhodians. It quickly became an important trading centre between various Mediterranean countries but came into its power and glory after its capture by Alexander the Great. After his death, then city was passed from one country to another but finally came back to Lycian rule under Roman government. The city is a magnificent testament to the glory, power and prestige to all the Mediterranean countries, and could be classed as an open museum with the various ancient buildings and ruins on display.

Restaurants in Kemer cater to all palettes and wallets; you will find an excellent array of elegant restaurants as well as family-friendly and cheap eateries. Since Kemer is a coastal town, the seafood here is absolutely delicious.

You will find a good selection of hotels in Kemer along with charming bed and breakfast accommodation. Hotels with commanding sea views tend to be a little more expensive than others.

Kemer is a town which is perfect for holiday makers of all ages. Fun, friendly, relaxed and full of history and culture, you certainly will enjoy yourself when you spend time in Kemer.

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