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Once the former meeting place of Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Side is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. The ancient ruins still stand today but this quiet town has been transformed into a bustling resort side destination which sees thousands of visitors every month. The harbour, the surrounding countryside, the many different excursions outside Side and the various things to do here makes Side a fantastic place to spend a week or two.

When you consult your city guide to Side, one of the top things to do here is to pay a visit to the ancient agora. Head from the city gate and follow the street lined with ancient columns where you will come to the agora. In the 2nd century, slaves used to be sold and brought here. In the heart of the agora is the ancient foundation of the Temple of Fortuna. Other places of interest here include the theatre and the remains of a building which used to be a public toilet where up to 24 people at a time could relieve themselves.

As an ancient Roman town, the public bathhouse was a very important building. Side’s ancient Roman baths have been lovingly restored and have become a public museum. The original floors are still visible and there are a vast array of different statues and artefacts which have been excavated in the local area.

There are many Roman monuments which are well worth visiting. Head left of the gateway and you will discover an ancient monument. Fashioned as a fountain with a few water basins at the front, this was commissioned to honour the Emperor Vespasian in 74 CE. Carry on through the gateway and you will discover the entrance to the amphitheatre. This magnificent 20,000 seated theatre is the biggest in Pamphylia. What makes this theatre so unique is the fact that arched vaults supports the freestanding building instead of it being created into a hillside.

Beach lovers will fall head over heels for Side’s many sandy beaches. Venture west to relax on the 10km stretch of sand, lined with various bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. For a quieter experience, head 3km east to Sorgun beach. 10km west is the Kumkoy beach. It is livelier than Sorgun but not as crowded as Side beach. Buses run to both beaches regularly.

You will find a multitude of restaurants in Side serving a selection of Western and Turkish cuisines. Cafes tend to serve all the usual Western meals. If you want to taste some of the freshest seafood, head for the restaurants near the marina and harbour.

There are a range of hotels in Side located along the beachfront road where the sea views are simply beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Side has a lively nightlife so if you want to part till dawn, there are many accommodation in the city centre. For more relaxed and family friendly options, head towards the beachfront.

Side is a popular resort town and it is little wonder why. With a vibrant nightlife, fantastic beaches, great shopping opportunities, restaurants, bars, natural beauty and many cultural attractions and excursions available, you will never get bored on a trip to Side.

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