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Situated in the northwest of the country, Yalova is one of the most fabulous Turkish cities. Frequently visited by tourists from every corner of the globe, it is little wonder why people make their way here. With history that stretches back into prehistoric times, stunning natural beauty spots and vibrant cities, it certainly is well worth exploring.

Around 3000 BCE is when this area first began to be inhabited. Later it became part of the Hittite Empire in the 21st century BCE, then captured by the Phrygians, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire and finally by the Ottomans in 1302. Because of its rich history, Yalova has become incredibly wealthy in terms of its culture, traditions and attractions.

Consulting your city guide to Yalova is essential to help you plan your holiday itinerary. One of the first things to do in Yalova is to pay a visit to the thermal spas of Termal. Located around eight miles south of the city, the hot springs have been used by the inhabitants here since the Roman period and then reconstructed by the Ottomans, especially Kemal Ataturk who frequently enjoyed them. The spas contain sodium chloride, calcium sulphate and fluoride and remain at a pleasant temperature of around 57 to 60 degrees Celsius. For centuries they have been used as a means of relaxation, healing and cleansing. You can enjoy a soak here, a massage (either above water level or underwater) and several other therapeutic products. There are a few hotels here which serve delicious Turkish dishes with the parks and forests providing a stunning backdrop.

When you visit Yalova you have the option of embarking on several day trips. One of the most popular excursions is a visit to ancient Nicaea, which is now known as Iznik. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Iznik from Yalova. Here you can admire the beauty and power of this ancient town. It still retains its medieval walls which surround the entire town, and there are several churches and mosques which shouldn’t be missed, including the Hagia Sophia Church, now in ruins, and the Green Mosque. There is also a pleasant lake nearby and a rare underground tomb from the Byzantine period.

Another popular excursion is a trip to Bursa. Again, this is another ancient town with its roots far back in the past. There are an amazing wealth of architecture from the initial part of the Ottoman era to be admired, its bazaars where you can haggle and shop to your heart’s content, and its own thermal hot springs to be enjoyed.

There is a good selection of restaurants in Yalova so you won’t go hungry here. The region is home to several of its own specialities; for a taste of authentic Yalova, sample the delicious Iskender kebap.

Hotels in Yalova are much more reasonable than in other Turkish cities. You will find several big hotel chains here as well as others with a traditional Turkish atmosphere and style.

Yalova is drenched with everything that makes a holiday destination so worthwhile – fantastic weather, beautiful scenery, great shopping, delicious cuisine, good hotels and an amazing wealth of cultural attractions and monuments. What more could you possibly ask for?

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