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Muscat in Oman, which now has 60,000 inhabitants, is the smallest capital of the world. Muscat! A magical name that resounds in the ear of the traveler as the beginning of a fabulous tale of a thousand and one nights, a tiny city decorated by the palace of reception of the Sultan. Omani capital, true oasis in the desert, where the temperature is around 45 °C from May to August, has a heritage of great wealth in its old city. Today, modern palace of the Sultan of Oman, the buildings and luxury residences are alongside the remains of the glorious past of the country. A tip: go to the bay from the port to contemplate the view and admire the imposing walls of the city dating from the middle ages, and the blue and gold palace of Sultan. You are assured with evenings under the sign of romance...

In the old city you can admire one of the places of residence of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of the Sultanate of Oman. The palace was built in a contemporary architectural style but conform to traditional Middle Eastern style. The residence of Al Alam, Sultan Qaboos’s formal residence in Muscat is tucked away in a small bay closed on 3 sides by mountains that form a natural wall and surrounded by thick walls and protected for over 400 years by two forts: Mirani and Al Jalali, which are accessed by an impressive slew of stairs carved into the rock, majestic witnesses of the past.

The Ali Mosque and the new mosque which are located by the sea are added to the charm of the site. The port of Muttrah is the commercial center of the capital and its fish market, the souks and many bazaars are worth the detour. In the capital market Muttrah (Muscat, Oman), there is still that 50 or 60 years ago, the waves of the Indian Ocean had to throw against the white houses with blue shutters. The fishing boats were drawn up before the houses and donkeys carrying goods to the souk.

What a change today! Houses and souks are separated from the sea by the "Corniche", a kind of waterfront - deserted in a nap – just 4 km away from Muscat, through the village of fishermen Kalbuh and lost at the end of Muttrah.

Muscat is the ideal starting point for excursions in the valleys and the interior forts, along the coast until Sohar in north or towards Sour and sands of Wahiba further to south.

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