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The historic sites of the desert Kingdom rival any of those of its Middle Eastern neighbours. Here you can explore gold-mosaic mosques, ruined desert cities and crusader castles.

With a travel to Syria Syria, discover 8,000 years of history. From the birth of civilization, Syria has been the crossroads for caravans between East and West. These visitors left layer upon layer of history to discover. Explore Roman amphitheaters, Crusader Castles, the actual sites of Biblical events, and ancient Cities dating back to the beginnings of time.

Tour the imposing citadel of Aleppo, the mythical Palmyra of Queen Zenobia in the heart of the desert, and the fascinating and eternal Damascus, capital of Syria, the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world. Mark Twain wrote “Go as far back in the past as you want, and Damascus has always been there. It doesn't measure time with days, months, years, but with the empires that it has seen be born, became prosperous and go to ruin”. Come see for yourself a heritage beyond all others.

8,000 years of history, and the legacy of ancient empires, has evolved a culture that is rich in the influences of both the Arab and Mediterranean worlds. In Syria, music and the visual arts combine with theatre and poetry, as a showcase of a unique culture. Performances in Roman amphitheatres, as well as a vibrant cinema, provide cultural delights throughout the year. Syrian museums and palaces house treasures of the past, and are now a window into our world. It is no surprise that Damascus was named as the Arab Capital of Culture for 2008.

The Silk Road Festival takes its name from the route that was used for centuries to transport silk from China to the Mediterranean via Syria. Many of their festivals are a commemoration of the crossroads of cultures and civilizations that the trade in silk and other treasures brought about.

Syria is cradle of both Islam and Christianity where all communities live together in harmony. Damascus was the first capital of the first Islamic State, and also celebrated the 2000th Jubilee year of St Paul in 2008. Tourists now explore religious sites that are significant shrines for Christian and other visitors, and that highlight the common heritage of three great religions. Events and places linked to St Paul provide a focus for tours that highlight the sites from where he spread his message.

The Syrian Desert is spread over a vast area. This wild and beautiful wilderness is home to herds of wild camels, gazelles and the newly reintroduced Oryx. In spring the desert comes alive with wild flowers. Today, treks across the desert (by caravan, 4x4 or by camel) to the great oasis city of Palmyra excite the imagination of all travelers on the banks of the Euphrates and its tributaries, or at Lake Assad, are havens for birdwatchers, and traditional camps of the Bedouin welcome today's visitors.

Wander through their souks and bazaars, and uncover golden treasures, age old handicrafts and ancient arts side by side with high fashion and the latest trends. Retail therapy has never been so exciting in this mix of Mayfair and Camden, Fifth Avenue and the River Gauche, with all the influence of the Mediterranean. Syria is shoppers' delight... and great value for money.

Syrian tradition of hospitality, like their cities and citadels, dates back thousands of years. In Syria, choose from the finest of luxury hotels; charming boutique hotels hidden in historic buildings; Mediterranean beach resorts; summer resorts in the mountains; or desert encampments under stars. Syria offers the best of accommodation for every taste and every pocket. But, in Syria you will also find something special in all their hotels and on every street, the warm and genuine welcome of their people.

In Syria, dining is an experience to delight your taste buds and your soul. Their pastry and confectioners shops are showcase of temptation, and ice cream a national tradition. In Syria, relax in beachfront cafés or dine in fine restaurants' houses. The freshest produce combines with rare spices from the East on the Syrian menu. So, take a tour of Syrian cuisine within one meal, discover a dazzling display of Syrian delicacies in their traditional mezza.

Two main Syria airports are Aleppo Airport Intl. (ALP), Damascus Airport Intl. (DAM).

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