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Camels in front of a modern skyline, jeeps before a never-ending desert horizon, ice skating at temperatures of 35 degree centigrade: Where history and modernity, luxury and simplicity, Bedouin traditions and western living meet: this is Dubai.

Oil has made it all possible; in just a generation the emirate has catapulted the city out of the Middle Ages into modern times: breathtaking hotels, shopping centers adorned in marble, souks resembling bazaars, Rolls Royce and Rolex, technological advancement against a desert backdrop. To western holidaymakers, it all appears something similar to a grand fairytale out of Thousand and One Nights. Dream-like sandy beaches, 360 days of sun a year, a seemingly Arabian ambience, tolerant atmosphere and azure blue seas. Every holiday desire will be fulfilled here; one is able to devote oneself to the relentless shopping spree, book adventurous desert safaris, relax on the beach or dine in a Bedouin tent or at an exquisite restaurant for days on end.

In spite of all the modernity, the hint of the Orient remains, as do many traditions. This fascinating blend draws increasing numbers of holidaymakers to the Emirates each year. With the spectacular demonstrations of the wealth such as the most luxurious hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab, and the newly established palm island, the locals are provided with constant replenishments.

Today's Dubai is a city where historic mosques and old wind towers rub shoulders comfortably with a sleek, futuristic world of mirrored skyscrapers and extravagant shopping malls. In Dubai you can shop til you drop. Some come to hunt duty-free bargains in the most lavish shopping complexes the world has to offer. Others prefer wandering around the ancient souks or Bedouin markets, where you can haggle over the price of all manner of trinkets, antiques, carpets, handicrafts and jewels.

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