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Mark Twain once told a friend that he could go of to heaven if he felt like but he himself would stay in Bermuda. The Europeans first came to Bermuda around 1500, although nobody knows who or from what European country exactly that these early explorers hailed from. It was most likely the Spanish sailor Juan de Bermudez who first lay eyes upon Bermuda, but no European came again for a long time after that. In fact, it wasn't until 1609 when Sir George Somers headed out from England to the new English colony of Jamestown, Virginia, that the island was seen again. The reason for this was a storm came up and Somers and his men began to founder. Luckily for them, they spotted the reefs of Bermuda and decided to deliberately drive the boat on the reefs so they wouldn't sink. It worked. All 150 sailors, settlers, and a single dog were saved and went on to spend ten months on Bermuda building a new boat.

One of Bermuda's claims to fame is the infamous Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil's Triangle. This is an area in the western region of the North Atlantic Ocean where a surprising number of vessels and airplanes have alleged to have simply vanished without explanation or explained by anything at all you'd expect, such as equipment failure, human error, or even natural disasters. Popular culture loves to explain this as acts of the paranormal, or an act from extraterrestrials, or a complete suspension of any known laws of physics. Documentation reveals however, that there are in fact no more mysterious incidents in this part of the world than anywhere else. Some continue to believe otherwise of course.

Bermuda has an old colonial feel complete with elegant large old white hotels and verandahs, locals riding bicycles, and an English school system where the children wear school uniforms and speak with a distinctly English accent.

The island is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs full of technicolor fish and all manner of shipwrecks. This of course makes snorkeling and diving hugely popular and excellent fun, especially at Elbow Beach. Southampton Parish also has terrific swimming, and its waters make for world class yachting and kayaking. If golf is your game, world class golf is abundant here, as are hiking trails and pink soft sandy beaches full of shells. Visitors also like to stroll the narrow streets of the town of St George, which happens to be England's oldest surviving settlement in the New World. In fact it's so well taken care of that it's now a World Heritage Site.

Bermuda has a balmy climate, not as hot as the Caribbean islands to the south and never too cold. The people are imminently friendly and easygoing and happy to give you directions.

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