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The largest island in the world that's not a continent also has the sparest population. This is Greenland, with some of the world's most jaw-dropping natural scenery. Immense expanses of unfenced gorgeous wilderness provide travelers a rare opportunity to explore the country at their own freewill, by skis, foot or dogsled. There are practically no roads in Greenland which means you get around on boats or helicopters, both expensive endeavors, but unforgettable experiences. Helicopters will transport you over glaciers and jaw-dropping mountain tops or through magnificent rarely-seen fjords. Many visitors also travel to this far northern country to rock climb, fish for salmon, and to sea kayak around icebergs, all experiences you can do in other parts of the world but nowhere can you do them in such a far northern and spectacular setting.

Scattered along the west coast of Greenland are numerous tiny villages with brightly painted cottages made of wood, while the south of Greenland has green meadow sheep farms. The people of Greenland are a distinctive mix of Danish and Inuit blood, creating their own Greenlandic culture with such unusual blends as dog sledding and Carlsberg beer, or seal hunting and Danish cooking.

The capital of Greenland is Nuuk Town. With a backdrop of stunning mountains, the town can be picturesque for the most part, although not nearly as much as the rest of Greenland, so don't spend too much time here, but rather, head for these far more spectacular locations:

Aappilattoq — fjord scenery at its best in the south of Greenland; Nanortalik — a charming little town with rock climbing opportunities surrounding it; Qassiarsuk — where you'll find a Norse longhouse along with surrounding hiking trails; Ilulissat—be amazed by the power of the strongest tidewater glacier outside Antarctica; Uummannaq — a land of unending fjords, icebergs and tiny islands to be explored by boat or dogsled under the midnight sun or the northern lights.

For years, hardly anyone ever visited Greenland but lately there has been an ever growing interest in this northern land of the midnight sun. Tourist offices are popping up in the country, as are modest hostels and hotels. Greenland used to be seen almost exclusively by passengers from cruise ships, but luckily this is changing as more adventure travelers yearn for ever-further horizons to explore.

When to go? If you're interested in dog sledding and skiing, the best times are between March and May. By June, it's daylight for 24 hours, which is terrific for the midnight sun, but there are also mosquitoes at this time so make sure you're prepared.

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